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The 411 on Keyless Entry Battery Replacement

by rayovac26, February 2013

It wasn’t too long ago that the technology associated with the word fob was relatively unknown. Basically a keyless entry device, the fob has become a staple piece of equipment for most modern cars. With a fob, you can remotely open your car’s doors, trunk, or hatch all with relative ease. You can even call for help by hitting the big red panic button.

The energy needed to power a fob comes from a button battery. As this battery starts to get old, the distance at which the fob can be used shrinks considerably. Keyless entry battery replacement is simple. Typically you just need a coin, though in some cases a small screwdriver is required. Here’s what you do. More...

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DIY Indestructible Flashlight

by rayovac19, February 2013

Having a dependable flashlight in your home is not a luxury, but a necessity. The Indestructible flashlight is both extremely durable and reasonably priced.

To quote our friends at The Home Depot “"Rayovac: Truly Indestructible Flashlight”.

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Official Guide to the Best Battery Recharger

by rayovac18, February 2013

Want a simple way to reduce waste and save money? Look no further. Rechargeable batteries and charger options have made this all possible. Both the environment and your wallet can now reap the benefits. Using rechargeable batteries can potentially save you hundreds of dollars and can also reduce the amount of alkaline batteries going to landfills. If you’re new to rechargeables, we have a fair guess at what you want to know before you buy. Simple: More...

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Grab Your Surfboard: Rayovac’s Presence in Social Media is Causing Waves

by rayovac18, February 2013

Swells of Rayovac fans from around the world have gathered online to connect with their favorite battery brand. Social media is quickly becoming the preferred way to receive brand related news and we’re taking advantage by hanging ten and riding the social media tidal wave. Consumers will have no trouble finding Rayovac on a large number of social sites including More...

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The Alkaline Battery Power Challenge: What Real Value Looks Like

by rayovac18, February 2013

Value is a word that gets thrown around a lot. It’s what you might call a five-cent word. For some people, it’s the barely used car found on craigslist. For others, it’s the home surrounded by good schools and even better sales comps. But people often forget that value isn’t always measured in the thousands. It can be found on a much smaller scale – in the things you buy and use every day, from milk to printer paper to alkaline batteries.

Around Rayovac, we take the word value quite seriously. A business can’t stick around as long as we have without being value-driven. Case in point: Our alkaline batteries perform as well as the Duracell and Energizer batteries displayed at your local convenience store – but cost less. That’s good value, cut and dried. To test the performance and value yourself, we’ve developed the Rayovac Power Challenge: Because we know we’re the best in value, we offer a money-back guarantee for anyone not completely satisfied with the performance of our alkaline batteries. It’s not everyday you get a guarantee as good as this. Do yourself a favor and take the challenge!

Alkaline batteries are a product you probably use every day, just like the milk, just like the printer paper. Value comes in all shapes and sizes. Go ahead. Put us up to your value test. It might not be as fun as driving a new car off the lot, but it’s more money in your pocket!

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Rayovac & The Environment: The Quest For Sustainability

by rayovac18, February 2013

Here at Rayovac, we take the idea of sustainability very seriously. It’s not a term we use to impress shareholders; it’s a philosophy our company and employees willingly embrace. For some time now, Rayovac has made the effort to increase its focus on the benefits of recycling and integrating the practices associated with sustainability.  

To define sustainability is not as simple as one may think. Environmental sustainability covers a wide range of topics from protecting the environment to preserving our health as human beings. Endorsing a sustainable lifestyle means more that just encouraging others to live within their means. It also advocates preserving our natural resources and maintaining the environment, so future generations can experience the wonders of Mother Nature just as we have.

Rayovac is glad to be a member of the ‘green movement’ that has recently taken the world by storm. Mercury-Free products including our alkaline and hearing aid batteries have lead the way in cutting-edge green technology. It was important to get rid of all mercury in the battery for hearing aid because of its close proximity to the human ear. The overall elimination of mercury from our products has made them safer for human use and friendlier to the environment.

We are also proud sponsors of the Joy Trip Project, a popular online blog that shares our interests on various topics including environmental conservation, acts of charitable giving and the practices of sustainable living. When fans of Rayovac and the JTP unite, the message of living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle becomes infectious. This is one way that we inform the public that everyone can play a significant role in protecting the environment.

Some companies boast about going green and being sustainable but do not deliver the tangible results. We are proud to have created numerous reduce and recycle initiatives that have led to over 90% of waste generated being recycled. While those results speak for themselves, it is our job to strive for more and never give up on our future goal of protecting the precious environment in which we live. Rayovac’s quest for sustainability has only just begun.

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