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Not Your Average USB Powered Gadgets

by rayovac8, August 2013

As we tread further into the 21st century, new technology is becoming increasingly prevalent. A popular way to power this new technology is via USB! From the “Air Conditioned Shirt” to electronic toothbrushes, USB is a great new way to charge and power your products. There’s only one problem: your computer seems to be the only USB source capable of providing a charge. Well not anymore! Charge all your unusual, or usual, USB devices with Rayovac’s new portable 7 hour power!

7 Hour Power is powered by 4 Rayovac AA Alkaline Batteries, and can be used with any USB cord! One set of these AA batteries provides 7 hours of talk time for your phone, or a complete charge for a vast amount of USB powered devices! Take a peek at some cool and unusual devices that you can power up with this nifty portable USB charger:

1. USB Heating Gloves

Even the most warm-blooded humans can catch a case of the cold hands. Each of these gloves comes with a cable that plugs into a USB port that can turn your cold hands into some toasty mittens. But what if your hands are cold and there’s no computer in sight. Hmmm… If only you had a device capable of charging a USB product! Well today’s your lucky day because with 7 Hour Power you can carry these gloves everywhere you go, and never have cold hands again!

2. Toothbrush

This USB powered teeth cleaner can be recharged with your computer. What’s that? You don’t want your toothbrushes that close to the computer? No problem! Charge your USB toothbrush with the 7 hour power! Now your toothbrush can stay in the bathroom where it belongs.

3. USB Cup Warmer, Vacuum Cleaner and Mini Lamp

Want to clean up your desk, keep your coffee warm and read in the dark? This 3 in one product will let you do all of the above! Keep it charged with a 7 hour power and your desk will always be clean, coffee will always be warm and you will never be in the dark!

4. USB Microwave

Too busy to get up and use the microwave? Not a problem, with this USB charged microwave, it sits right on your desk and can be charged by your computer. Want to make it portable? Use the 7 hour power to charge it and you can heat things up wherever you go!

5. USB Powered Fan

Beat the summer heat with the USB powered fan! Place it on your desk while your working, or if you want to make it portable, just grab a 7 hour power and take it camping with you!

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A Portable iPhone Rechargeable Battery is Today’s Savvy Air Traveler’s Essential Tool

by rayovac31, July 2013

"Maybe I'm just not as comfortable being powerless as you are."

- Don Draper, Mad Men

Next time you're walking through a crowded airport, remember these words of wisdom as you pat your left pocket with your portable iPhone rechargeable battery. Thanks to this essential tool, you will never find yourself powerless on the go. Don't you just know if Draper were he traveling in our day instead of in the '60s, Draper would carry an iPhone rechargeable battery in the breast pocket of his suit? He'd probably stow it right next to his Lucky Strikes - you know, close to his heart.

In Draper's day, travelers who wanted to power up during air travel would have lit up during travel. Today's passengers are concerned instead with literal power, the kind for mobile devices. They don't fear battery depletion on their tablets and mobile phones with these travel-friendly portable power solutions:

1. PS68 Phone Boost Charger: Slip it on your keychain for an hour of extra talk time. Holds a charge for up to a year and can be recharged hundreds of times.


2. PS69 USB Wall Charger: With its fold-in plug, this portable wall charger fits in your carry-on so you can charge in-terminal any time.

3. PS70 USB Car Charger: Long drive to the airport? Use this 2-port charger to feed your phone while talking, without worry you'll end up power-less on the plane.

4. PS71 External Battery Back Up: This external battery pack gives any 30-pin device two extra hours of talk time. Text and surf in-flight, knowing you'll have ample juice for grabbing when you deplane.

5. PS72 Micro-USB 2-Hour Power: Charge any micro-USB device with this compact external battery for up to two hours of additional talk time. Easy to keep in your pocket or carry-on.


Even if you forget your iPhone rechargeable battery at home, there's no need to panic. Rayovac chargers are sold in airports, ensuring your mobile productivity won't be a slave to the skies. Go mobile above the clouds. Stay connected. Get your Draper on. Be that traveler.

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Use a Portable Power Charger for iPhone as a Late-Day Pick-Me-Up Snack for your Phone

by rayovac24, July 2013

Nom nom nom. Know that sound? It's you, snacking before dinner. How can you do that in good conscience while your sad little iPhone sits there starving on your desk? How can you stuff your face full of protein bar while your jealous phone looks on feeling the hunger pangs of its last battery bar? Your iPhone may not have actual feelings of envy, but like you, it sometimes needs a late-day power snack in order to soldier on. Have a little compassion, man, and get a portable power charger for iPhone so your mobile companion can enjoy afternoon power-boosts too.

How do you keep a late-day snack on hand for your iPhone wherever you go? Surely we're not suggesting you drag around the power cord and stay near electrical power sources, are we? Nah. Instead we've created the Phone Boost Charger, a sweet little portable power charger for iPhone users like you. It's a keychain! It's a power charger! It's a late-afternoon snack! Siri will never go hungry again!    More...

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Hearing Loss Detection in Children

by rayovac17, July 2013

When the stork arrives and you are holding your newborn in your arms for the first time, your new child’s hearing ability may not be the first thought that pops into your brain. But I’m sure your baby’s health does. Checking your newborns hearing is just as important as checking for ten fingers and ten toes.

Children who have undetected hearing loss might not gain the cognitive abilities that are needed for learning, or may not be able to acquire normal speech and language. Children with hearing loss may be extremely stressed out because they may not understand why it is harder for them to learn simple material.

Babies should get their hearing checked before they are even one month old. Technology now allows hearing screenings on children a few hours after they are born. Most states even require hearing testing on newborns before they are to leave the hospital. If your child has hearing loss, you should consider the use of a hearing device or other communication options by 6 months of age. 

Rayovac offers the longest lasting hearing aid batteries in the world, in sizes 10, 13, 312, and 675. We also have a cochlear battery specifically made to meet the needs of patients with cochlear implants. As well as our ProLine hearing aid batteries, which are the #1 choice of hearing care professionals. All of our hearing aid batteries are mercury free.

Early hearing loss detection is crucial when it comes to speech, language and learning in young children. In the event your child does need hearing aids, let Rayovac be there for all your hearing aid battery needs. 

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An iPhone Power Charger for Emergencies plus 2 Other Safety Tips for Child iPhone Users

by rayovac10, July 2013

It’s not just a wild, wild world anymore. It’s also a wired, wired one. That’s a tricky mix for parents to manage. If you’ve decided your child is ready for an iPhone, it’s a good idea to monitor their activity, limit the phone’s functionality, and provide a backup iPhone power charger:

1.Monitor your child’s mobile activity. Help your child learn self-control by setting clear boundaries and rules for their phone usage—things like no exorbitant amounts of phone time, no sharing personal information with strangers, and no freely surfing the web with reckless abandon. Shop for apps that can help you with this important job of monitoring (and limiting) your child’s phone usage.

2.Limit the functionality of the phone. There are times when the iPhone’s seemingly limitless power is thrilling, but when the phone is in your child’s hands is probably not one of them. Not only can total iPhone freedom get very expensive but also it can get dangerous. Decide what purposes the phone is supposed to serve for your child, and then set up the phone so that it serves just those purposes. For example, if the phone is meant for your child to reach someone in case of emergency or to simply check in, then program the phone so that outbound calls are limited to 911 and those few important phone numbers.

3.Equip your child with backup power. You know how scary it would be if you were in an emergency situation and discovered your phone had no battery power left? Imagine what it would be like for your child. Imagine how many more situations just feel like emergencies to kids. Then put a Rayovac PS71 External Battery Back Up in your child’s backpack, locker, or gym bag—anywhere it might come in handy. With this ultra-compact external iPhone power charger, it won’t matter if your child has forgotten to recharge the phone or used it to death. They’ll have emergency power at the ready. 

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An iPhone Battery Pack That Can Help You Buy 7 Hours of Time Really

by rayovac1, July 2013

Money may not be able to buy you happiness or love, but it sure can buy you time - seven hours of it, in fact, and for well under 20 bucks, our iPhone battery pack is a good deal. Say hello to the PS73 Portable USB Charger. This little black box may not look like much, but it's actually a powerhouse that will resolve your low-battery-beep woes when electrical outlets are nowhere to be found. That's right: You asked for an iPhone battery pack, and we delivered.

The PS73 holds enough battery power to give your device a complete charge, effectively doubling the longevity of your phone when away from power cords. Four Rayovac AA alkaline batteries come with the PS73 and are all it needs to get up and go. Compatible with all USB-connector devices, this external battery is a must-have for those times when you really need your phone but won't have easy access to electrical outlets. We're talking extended-travel days, camping trips, adventure excursions (oh, my!). Also, since it's small enough to slip into just about anywhere a wallet would fit, you don't have to worry about it bogging you down.

The PS73 instantly takes your phone from dead as a doornail to ready to rock and roll, so there's no need to wait once you plug it in. Great for emergencies and yet doesn't cost a pretty penny. See? We can't directly sell you love or happiness, but we can sell you 7 hours of time with this battery pack for iPhone users - and you never know what you could end up getting out of that precious time! 

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