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Battery Life Statistics: Rayovac Trumps the Competition

by rayovac20, January 2014

According to a semi recent study conducted by Energy Quest via, eye-opening data was compiled showcasing the average battery life of the 4 most popular battery brands. The data revealed that Rayovac batteries were the longest lasting alkaline brand and also were shown to be the best value for consumers in terms of price.

This data was compiled as a result of an experiment that tested each battery brand separately with similar variables. Two D batteries were placed in identical flashlights and were left on to measure their average battery life. Average battery life for Rayovac batteries consistently took the top-spot averaging over 24 hours. That’s an entire days’ worth of long-lasting power! Combine that with the lowest average price per AA battery, Rayovac is certainly the best bang for the consumer’s buck.

Which battery brand really lasts the longest? This is a common question for many consumers of alkaline batteries. Imagine standing in the grocery store in front of a battery display with multiple brands staring right back at you, glistening with promises of long lasting, reliable power. The decision of which brand to buy can certainly be tough, especially with so many different brands on the market.

Sure, flashy advertising and vibrant colors may catch your attention, but the first thing most consumers seek out when making their mental purchase is the price. That’s why before you make your purchase, we’re arming you with data that will make your decision a no-brainer. It’s hard to choose any other battery brand when Rayovac can provide you long lasting power with a price tag that its competitors cannot and will not match!

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New Products Release Date; CES 2014 Coming To A Close

by rayovac10, January 2014

Today marks the final day of CES 2014 and with it comes the end of an exciting week for product innovation. In 2014, Rayovac will roll out a number of new portable power chargers that are sure to impress techies around the globe. Affordable, mobile power solutions for the entire family!

7-Hour Power Recharge, Phone Boost 800, Power Pack 2000 and Power Pack 6000 will all release in May of 2014. And for those who couldn’t make it to CES, check out this blog post written by an Iowa mom who knows an innovative product when she sees it.

Rayovac will be attending International CES 2014 which takes place January 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the event, Rayovac’s groundbreaking 2-Hour Power portable charging device will be honored for outstanding product design and innovation.

If you haven’t seen this little bad boy, you need to check it out! We went on a week long road trip from SW Iowa, to West Texas, up to North Iowa and back down to SW Iowa and the kids used their iPod touches for movies, games and music. I can’t begin to express how happy I was to take the 2-Hour Power portable charging device with us. We used it countless times to recharge the kids’ iPods.

Rayovac will also showcase a brand new line of portable chargers that will be added to its already spectacular product line. New products include a 7-Hour Power that uses rechargeable batteries, (this makes me beyond excited!) a rechargeable phone boost now compatible with Apple lightning tip (can we say ‘giddy’!) and much more.

-Tanya (Mommy Goggles)

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2-Hour Power: Resourceful Mom Review and Holiday Giveaway

by rayovac19, December 2013

“CONFESSION: I have a phone with a dreadful battery life. A couple years ago I had a dinosaur of the smart phone world, and while I took a healthy dose of teasing for my beast, the battery would last for days. (Days, I tell you!!)  Since making the switch to a sleeker, savvier model, I haven’t had to endure the teasing. Of course, this could be because my friends can’t find me.  My battery is either dead or I’m sitting somewhere in a corner, my phone plugged in to an outlet.

While it’s important to have a charged cell phone battery in situations ranging from family vacations to work conferences to car pool lines, there are also emergency situations when your dying phone battery needs a boost for your family’s safety. This is where Rayovac once again saves the day. The Rayovac 2-Hour Power can provide you with up to 2 hours of additional talk time when your phone’s battery, like mine often does, is falling down on the job. You don’t have to have a power cord or an outlet.


In fact, the charger uses a Rayovac CR123A battery to provide your phone with power on-the-go, during sudden emergencies, or as a back-up power source during storms.  To ensure that you have power when you need it, just stock the Rayovac CR123A battery, which has a 10 year shelf life. To use the Rayovac 2-Hour Power, simply insert the battery, turn on the device, and plug it into your mobile device.”

-Amy (Resourceful Mom)

 Enter for your chance to win a “2-Hour Power”

Get in the holiday spirit with a giveaway sponsored by the Rayovac blog! With Rayovac, having reliable cell phone power at the drop of a hat is something the mom above knows all too well. Enter the giveaway for your chance to win a 2-Hour Power and try it out yourself!

Giveaway starts today and ends @ 12am EST on January 13, 2014. Open to USA. Winner will be emailed directly. Winner shall have 48 hours from the email to claim prize otherwise another random winner shall be chosen using the random generator through Rafflecopter.

Using the Rafflecopter form below is easy; use name/email to log in or Facebook for login. Rafflecopter will not use your email or access for anything other than giving me a way to contact you should you be the randomly chosen winner! Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or another person will be randomly selected. One entry per person.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Holiday Shopping Complete? Don’t Forget the Batteries!

by rayovac13, December 2013

Finding the perfect gift for all your loved ones can be exhausting. You make a list, check it twice and then make the trip to a number of stores gathering items to put under the tree. With holiday chores piling up it’s easy to forget the batteries.

The burden of a holiday to-do list has gotten the best of many a mom but not you – not this year. Forgetting the batteries is holiday faux pas number one. Imagine a household with no fresh batteries on Christmas morning. The chaos would be unbearable. You can either search the house and eventually “borrow” the remote batteries or bundle up and venture out into the cold weather and brave the holiday traffic.

Whether your late or early, holiday shopping can be tough when the traffic is bad and store parking lots are packed to the brim. No one wants to make a repeat trip, especially when the temperature outside is borderline freezing. Not to mention the stores are usually bolted shut and closed for the holidays. Avoid the holiday disaster and pick up the batteries the first go-round.

Holiday shopping requires a plan of attack and buying the batteries should be your first objective. Rayovac alkaline batteries are easily found at any major retailer and can power all the gizmos and gadgets you’d likely purchase. When you approach the checkout aisle - be stealthy and grab a pack to pair with your holiday gifts. Your family will thank you later.

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Charge Up The Holidays With Stocking Stuffers From Rayovac!

by rayovac3, December 2013

Dear Holiday Consumer,

Has the holiday shopping gotten the best of you? Don't feel up to the challenge of finding the perfect gift for every member of your family this year? Rayovac is here to help with a handful of must-have holiday stocking stuffers that should be on the top of everyone's list.

The Rayovac 2-Hour Power mobile charger, the Rayovac 7-Hour Power backup charger and the Rayovac Power Boost Keychain are affordable and accessible portable chargers that are small, sleek and easy to wrap. Simply connect any of the three devices to your phone, MP3 player or other electronic device and receive an additional one, two or seven hours of charge time! Perfect for those unexpected emergencies when power is all you need.

All three of these devices cost between $8.99 and $14.99, respectively. With a price point that low, you should be able to stuff a Rayovac emergency cell phone charger into everyone's stocking this holiday season. Guaranteed to be a hit for loved ones of all ages!

Happy Holidays from Rayovac!

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Rayovac’s Top 8 Electronic Gifts for the 2013 Holiday Season

by rayovac26, November 2013

If there's one thing Rayovac's tech products. Gather round as we shine a light on the top gadget gifts for 2013!

SkullCandy Ear Buds: True tech-enthusiasts demand quality sound when operating their electronic devices. Average ear-buds just won't cut it - try some SkullCandy.

Lacie Petite Key USB: Flash drives have been around for many years - but not in the shape of a key! With 8 GB of data it's small on the outside & big on the inside!

Beats Speaker Pill: Some pills are hard to swallow but not Beats by Dre speaker pill! Wirelessly stream your favorite tunes using Bluetooth technology!

USB Fan: Are you a 'fan' of USB-powered devices? (Pardon the pun) Cool off with a portable cooling fan. Power it when on the go using Rayovac 7-Hour Power!

Verizon Network Extender: Try fitting a cellphone tower in your living room - odds are it won't fit. Second option: extend your network and stay connected!

Apple3TV: Apple heard your cry for wireless TV and here's their response: Play content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on your HDTV!

Google Nexus 7: Tablets are the new way to surf the net and stay connected. Fans of Google would love to get their hands on this powerful tablet.

iPhone 5S: Privacy to the max. The latest addition to the iEmpire - the iPhone 5S comes with all-new technology that lets you unlock it using your fingerprint.

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