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What do a Little Black Bag, an Emergency Cell Phone Charger, and Canned Soup Have in Common? | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac10, March 2014

Many don't think about preparing for the unexpected. Make sure to create your own go-bag, with everything you might need from an emergency cell phone charger to important documents.

That's an easy one: an emergency cell phone charger and a can of soup are both packed in your little black go-bag. Right now, however, it's the furthest thing from your mind as you juggle a job, the kids' schedules, meal preparation, and other errands. But knowing that it's tucked away at the bottom of your pantry makes you feel secure that it's there, just in case.

Your expecting sister-in-law, Bev, is the one who brings it to your attention when she is visiting and goes into the pantry for a snack. She reaches for the jar of peanuts, her latest craving, and asks you what that odd black bag is doing in your pantry. It takes you a second to realize what she is talking about, but you figure out it must be your go-bag for emergencies. It's easy to explain to Bev what it is, but more difficult to convince her that it's necessary. After all, she says, why bother if emergencies rarely happen around here? More...

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How Mobile iPhone Power Could Have Changed History | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac3, March 2014

Mobile iPhone power is the wave of the future, and dead batteries are a thing of the past. Know you'll have power whenever and wherever you need it with portable power from Rayovac.The course of history might have changed drastically if iPhones and access to mobile iPhone power were available to our ancestors.

Consider, for instance, the tragic story of Antony and Cleopatra. On a fateful night in 41 B.C.E., the Roman general Mark Antony fell in love with the Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra at first sight. The love that existed between the two leaders outraged Antony's brother and future emperor, Octavian, who brought the full force of the Roman army against the couple. During battle, Antony received false news that Cleopatra died, and shattered, he fell on his sword. Cleopatra, shocked at learning of Antony's death, subsequently took her own life not wanting to live without her love.

But what if instead, these famous leaders were able to rely on iPhones and mobile iPhone power? What might have happened differently?

Upon receiving the news of Cleopatra's supposed death while he was in battle, Antony might instead have been more suspicious. It's possible he may have pulled out his iPhone from his armor and taken a moment to text the love of his life to see if he was told the truth.

Mark > Cleopatra: “Hey babe, let me know if you’re still alive. ily so much!” More...

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The External Battery: A Lifesaver for a Busy Day | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac21, February 2014

Make sure that you don't lose power on your devices when you're on the go with a powerful and compact external battery from Rayovac.An external battery is the last thing on Marissa's mind. It’s already 10’oclock on a Thursday night and her final paper is due Friday morning. After a hectic day between classes, club meetings, and volunteering, anxiety starts to set in. Less than 12 hours before her final paper is due. Looks like an all-nighter.

Ready to sleep at the library if she has to, Marissa forgets to power the one device that keeps her in touch with the outside world. Her phone is running low on battery because she's been catching up with a few of her friends throughout the day. And her tablet isn't faring much better – she’s been using it to take notes in class.

Luckily, her tablet lasts long enough to finish her paper, and her phone survives with 1% so she can text her roommate that she's on her way back. It wasn't an all-nighter, but close to it. Marissa walks back to her dorm, looking forward to a few hours of sleep before class tomorrow.

But upon waking, the inevitable happens. Marissa has overslept, and realizes she forgot to email her final paper. She reaches for her tablet, but to her dismay, she's forgotten to charge it. She looks to her phone but forgot to charge that too. As she frantically runs out the apartment door, her roommate sees her and says Marissa can borrow her external battery. Marissa grabs it and heads to the bus stop. More...

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The Day a Portable Cell Phone Charger Landed My Valentine’s Date | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac14, February 2014

Make sure you can connect with those you love this Valentine’s Day with portable power from Rayovac.

Today my mom gave me a portable cell phone charger. She said it’s an early Valentine’s gift for her favorite son. I threw it in my backpack and ran out the door. She’s always giving me gadgets like that—I never use half of them, but it’s nice that she thinks of me.

I’m running late today because I was up texting last night. If you guessed I was up late texting a girl, you'd be right. She’s amazing. We’re not dating. To be honest, I can’t really tell. I’ll ask her out later today to find out. Today is Valentine's Day, after all.

I get to first period, sit down, and yawn. Fumbling through my backpack, I shove aside my lunch, books, and that portable cell phone charger to dig out my homework and quietly take out my phone. I won't see her until 8th period and since she told me last night she has an exam this morning, I want to wish her good luck.

The morning quickly passes, and I find myself busy trying not to fall asleep in the middle of 4th period geography. My phone buzzes quietly in my lap; I have a new text. She tells me her exam went well, and thanks me for the luck. I send back a smiley. I gulp and think to myself: it’s time. I take a deep breath and text her again, asking if she wants to go out for Valentine’s Day. I hit send, and my stomach immediately ties itself in what feels like a hundred knots. More...

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Battery Life Statistics: Rayovac Trumps the Competition

by rayovac20, January 2014

According to a semi recent study conducted by Energy Quest via, eye-opening data was compiled showcasing the average battery life of the 4 most popular battery brands. The data revealed that Rayovac batteries were the longest lasting alkaline brand and also were shown to be the best value for consumers in terms of price.

This data was compiled as a result of an experiment that tested each battery brand separately with similar variables. Two D batteries were placed in identical flashlights and were left on to measure their average battery life. Average battery life for Rayovac batteries consistently took the top-spot averaging over 24 hours. That’s an entire days’ worth of long-lasting power! Combine that with the lowest average price per AA battery, Rayovac is certainly the best bang for the consumer’s buck.

Which battery brand really lasts the longest? This is a common question for many consumers of alkaline batteries. Imagine standing in the grocery store in front of a battery display with multiple brands staring right back at you, glistening with promises of long lasting, reliable power. The decision of which brand to buy can certainly be tough, especially with so many different brands on the market.

Sure, flashy advertising and vibrant colors may catch your attention, but the first thing most consumers seek out when making their mental purchase is the price. That’s why before you make your purchase, we’re arming you with data that will make your decision a no-brainer. It’s hard to choose any other battery brand when Rayovac can provide you long lasting power with a price tag that its competitors cannot and will not match!

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New Products Release Date; CES 2014 Coming To A Close

by rayovac10, January 2014

Today marks the final day of CES 2014 and with it comes the end of an exciting week for product innovation. In 2014, Rayovac will roll out a number of new portable power chargers that are sure to impress techies around the globe. Affordable, mobile power solutions for the entire family!

7-Hour Power Recharge, Phone Boost 800, Power Pack 2000 and Power Pack 6000 will all release in May of 2014. And for those who couldn’t make it to CES, check out this blog post written by an Iowa mom who knows an innovative product when she sees it.

Rayovac will be attending International CES 2014 which takes place January 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the event, Rayovac’s groundbreaking 2-Hour Power portable charging device will be honored for outstanding product design and innovation.

If you haven’t seen this little bad boy, you need to check it out! We went on a week long road trip from SW Iowa, to West Texas, up to North Iowa and back down to SW Iowa and the kids used their iPod touches for movies, games and music. I can’t begin to express how happy I was to take the 2-Hour Power portable charging device with us. We used it countless times to recharge the kids’ iPods.

Rayovac will also showcase a brand new line of portable chargers that will be added to its already spectacular product line. New products include a 7-Hour Power that uses rechargeable batteries, (this makes me beyond excited!) a rechargeable phone boost now compatible with Apple lightning tip (can we say ‘giddy’!) and much more.

-Tanya (Mommy Goggles)

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