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Hearing Loss Detection in Children

by rayovac17, July 2013

When the stork arrives and you are holding your newborn in your arms for the first time, your new child’s hearing ability may not be the first thought that pops into your brain. But I’m sure your baby’s health does. Checking your newborns hearing is just as important as checking for ten fingers and ten toes.

Children who have undetected hearing loss might not gain the cognitive abilities that are needed for learning, or may not be able to acquire normal speech and language. Children with hearing loss may be extremely stressed out because they may not understand why it is harder for them to learn simple material.

Babies should get their hearing checked before they are even one month old. Technology now allows hearing screenings on children a few hours after they are born. Most states even require hearing testing on newborns before they are to leave the hospital. If your child has hearing loss, you should consider the use of a hearing device or other communication options by 6 months of age. 

Rayovac offers the longest lasting hearing aid batteries in the world, in sizes 10, 13, 312, and 675. We also have a cochlear battery specifically made to meet the needs of patients with cochlear implants. As well as our ProLine hearing aid batteries, which are the #1 choice of hearing care professionals. All of our hearing aid batteries are mercury free.

Early hearing loss detection is crucial when it comes to speech, language and learning in young children. In the event your child does need hearing aids, let Rayovac be there for all your hearing aid battery needs. 

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An iPhone Battery Pack That Can Help You Buy 7 Hours of Time Really

by rayovac1, July 2013

Money may not be able to buy you happiness or love, but it sure can buy you time - seven hours of it, in fact, and for well under 20 bucks, our iPhone battery pack is a good deal. Say hello to the PS73 Portable USB Charger. This little black box may not look like much, but it's actually a powerhouse that will resolve your low-battery-beep woes when electrical outlets are nowhere to be found. That's right: You asked for an iPhone battery pack, and we delivered.

The PS73 holds enough battery power to give your device a complete charge, effectively doubling the longevity of your phone when away from power cords. Four Rayovac AA alkaline batteries come with the PS73 and are all it needs to get up and go. Compatible with all USB-connector devices, this external battery is a must-have for those times when you really need your phone but won't have easy access to electrical outlets. We're talking extended-travel days, camping trips, adventure excursions (oh, my!). Also, since it's small enough to slip into just about anywhere a wallet would fit, you don't have to worry about it bogging you down.

The PS73 instantly takes your phone from dead as a doornail to ready to rock and roll, so there's no need to wait once you plug it in. Great for emergencies and yet doesn't cost a pretty penny. See? We can't directly sell you love or happiness, but we can sell you 7 hours of time with this battery pack for iPhone users - and you never know what you could end up getting out of that precious time! 

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The #1 Item you Cannot Forget to Bring on Your Road Trip is an iPhone Backup Battery

by rayovac24, June 2013

See there? Over those hills where the robin-egg sky meets the plains of waving wheat? Look at the highway cutting a black line under a family car whizzing along with its hubcaps gleaming. There’s something strapped to the roof - a kayak maybe? They’re on vacation! Isn’t it sweet? Well, it could be, but they forgot their iPhone backup battery. Let’s zoom in so we can hear:

Are we there yet? 

I told you already, two more hours to go.

Are you lost, dear?

Shhh. I didn’t expect to have to power off the GPS before we got there!

Dad, can you look on your iPhone for the nearest rest stop? I have to go potty.

[giggle] You said “potty!”

Your mother gobbled the power playing Draw Something. Phone’s almost dead.

I did not! You forgot to charge it last night!

Can I play Angry Birds after we go potty?

Didn’t you hear me? The battery is dying. Try playing I Spy.

I spy, with my little eye, a pimple on my sister’s face.

Shut up! Moooom! I need to call Stacy! More...

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How 2 Hour Can Extend Your Battery on iPhone 4S

by rayovac17, June 2013

There are a whole lot of things you can do in 2 hours but finding a way to extend the battery on your iPhone may not be one that comes to mind first. With 2 hours, you could:

  • Watch an entire blockbuster movie
  • Beat the record for fastest marathon by three minutes
  • Get a full cycle of REM sleep
  • Play nine holes of golf
  • Take the Mensa admission test
  • Listen to “Bohemian Rhapsody” 20 times

        In 2 hours you can even talk on your mobile phone after its internal battery has died – seriously! It just takes a little forethought and the right tool to extend your phone’s usability.

Now then, if you’re looking to extend the battery on iPhone 4S, you know that type of power doesn’t come with the phone. They do come wherever Rayovac products are sold. Our PS71 External Battery Back Up is exactly what you need to squeeze lots more talk time out of your phone when you’re on-the-go. This external battery is super compact, so it’s super portable. Just pop it into your purse, glove compartment, or even coat pocket, and you’re golden. The Lithium CR123A battery that stores the device’s superpowers is replaceable, so you can use the PS71 over and over again. (The battery actually has a whopping 10-year storage life.)



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Power Up the Best Battery for iPhone and Never Miss out on Moments that Matter

by rayovac11, June 2013

There’s probably never going to be an emergency game of ‘Words with Friends’ or a critical moment at which you need to “like” someone’s picture on Facebook that requires immediate power for the best battery for iPhone. But when it comes to things like calling 911, doing a phone interview for a new job, or snapping and sharing pictures of your new baby’s first moments of life, you really can’t afford to find your phone battery near death.

If you’ve ever found yourself without iPhone power in a critical moment, you know your phone is really so much more than a toy. That’s why you need to be asking yourself not just what the best battery for iPhone users is, but also what the best portable power sources are – for all your mobile devices. We’ve got a few solutions that can save the day.

  • Our PS68 On-The-Go Charger is the most portable of our solutions and can revive any Apple or micro-USB device while on the go. It holds a charge for up to 12 months and provides 60 minutes of talk time.
  • Our PS71 External Battery Back Up is an awesome external iPhone battery. It’s compatible with all Apple 30-pin connected devices and is able to provide up to 2 hours of extra talk time.
  • Our PS73 Portable USB Charger is the solution if you want extreme portable recharging capability. It provides a full charge – up to 7 hours of talk time – and is compatible with all USB-connector devices.

Angry Birds, status updates, online shopping – these are the light and fluffy side of owning an iPhone. They can stand to wait until you get home to recharge. But for the moments that really make and break life, you can’t afford to be without backup power. Don’t live at the whim of your phone battery. Do get that best battery for iPhone users, but don’t forget to buy the backup power as your safety net.

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Batteries on a Mission

by rayovac7, June 2013

What’s better than our longest lasting mercury-free hearing aid batteries? Only the fact that our batteries are used in Starkey hearing aids; the very same hearing aids that have helped improve the lives of thousands around the globe.

On a recent trip to Papua New Guinea, Spectrum Brands CEO, Dave Lumley, and Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Hearing Aid Batteries for Rayovac, Randy Raymond, accompanied the Starkey Hearing Foundation on a mission trip across the Pacific. The purpose of their trip was to provide the less fortunate communities with quality hearing aids. Thanks to the Rayovac-Starkey partnership, literally thousands of people from around the world have received the gift of hearing. Rayovac has been a proud sponsor of the Starkey Hearing Foundation for many years and is privileged to provide them with the best quality batteries for hearing aid. More...

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