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Hearing Loss Facts and Tips for the Holidays

by rayovac23, December 2016

hearing loss tips

Holiday gatherings can be loud and large, but you can make sure you're part of the conversation by wearing your hearing aids and avoiding background noise when possible. What are your favorite hearing loss tips? Below are a few of ours.
hearing loss facts
As @Living With Hearing Loss says, It can be tempting to just nod along and pretend that you hear what others are saying or laugh just because others are laughing. But it can be dangerous, particularly if someone is asking you a question. Be brave and be honest with others if you are having trouble hearing. It will make your interactions more memorable on both sides.
hearing loss facts
Don't hesitate to ask someone to join you in a quieter spot or give visual clues to indicate if you are having trouble hearing.
hearing loss facts
This holiday season, we hope you can enjoy quality time with family by coming together to make your gathering hearing loss-friendly. Let us know your favorite advice in the comments!

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3 Simple Tips Moms Love for Stress-Free Holidays

by rayovac12, December 2016

stress free holidays with Rayovac

The holidays can simultaneously make us both happy and stressed. On one hand, we get to celebrate festive traditions with our family and friends, which is often memorable and heartwarming — even when we’re stuck with distant relatives we’d rather not see. ☺ And on the other hand, we get bombarded with anxiety from choosing the perfect gifts, ensuring our kids don’t get cabin fever, making the home look festive and clean for those unexpected visitors, and listening to old Uncle Marty banter about politics. Every year the holidays are a mixed boat. And every year they somehow pan out to be among our favorite celebrations of the year. If this scenario sounds familiar, then these tips will help you juggle the holiday chaos and keep your life running smoothly throughout the festive season and well beyond it.

Shop Online

Malls and shopping centers are beyond crazy from Black Friday to early January. And getting out of the house to shop for the kids, without the kids in tow? Forget about it! If you know what items you’re looking for then online is a good option to circumvent the in-person shopping chaos and even if you don’t there are endless lists of ideas for everyone imaginable that can be found online. For a lot of us, online shopping is second nature. But it’s also easy to forget our normal routines and behaviors when the holiday stress piles on. Plus, most online stores also have gift wrapping options available, which makes it easier to stop any snoopy family members from ruining their Christmas surprise.

You’re Going to Need These

If you grab any electronics or toys that use batteries, then don’t forget to toss some long-lasting RAYOVAC® Fusion batteries in your cart. Nothing is more soul-crushing than watching your child’s thrill from opening their new toy quickly turn into a meltdown when they realize you don’t have the required batteries on hand.

Properly Prepare Wrapped Gifts

On the note of remembering the batteries, when you’re wrapping gifts that need batteries, include a pack in the wrapping. If you cover them in newspaper or bubble wrap, the odd shape can also thwart the guesses of the gift recipient!

Ask for Help

We all like to be seen as superheroes to our kids, but every now and then even we need a little bit of help. And that’s okay. Ask around to see if any friends are open to babysitting while you wrap gifts or finish any in-person shopping trips. If you’re cooking a big meal, then invite the neighbors, the ones that double as your bus stop besties, to help out (offer them the leftovers, too). We at Rayovac wish you, your family and your friends a safe, happy holiday season. We hope these tips help make your holidays a little less stressful and a little more magical. And remember, when your kids’ toys have to work on Christmas morning, Rayovac batteries are the one thing that’s a sure thing!

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You'll love these 10 awesome stocking stuffers for kids

by rayovac12, December 2016

Stuffed stockings hung by a fireplaceStockings have been a fundamental part of Christmas traditions for centuries. Whenever St. Nicholas swoops by a house, he never forgets to fill the stockings with care. The legend of Christmas stockings began with dear old St. Nicholas slipping down a family’s chimney and filling three girls’ socks, which were naturally hung by the fire, with gold coins and golden orbs. While we can’t compete with St. Nick’s golden splendor, we can give our kids, friends and family lovely surprises in their stockings. Below we’ve compiled a list of safe, science-friendly stocking stuffers for kids.

Kids Magazines

Some kids love to read, but for others it can be tricky to get them involved, especially when the stories seem dull. But what does nearly every kid love? Animals, of course, and really cool animals like elephants and penguins at that. Getting them a subscription to a wildlife magazine like ZooBooks™ or National Geographic Kids™ can invigorate their love of reading and the natural world.


When your child begins reading the new magazines you subscribed them to, you can make it more fun by encouraging them to read in a fort with a light source.  RAYOVAC® virtually indestructible headlamps work as excellent reading lights during camping trips or long car rides. Plus, they are a great light source for hiking or snowshoeing in the evening.  


Sunprints® are a nifty science stocking stuffer for your young, inspiring artist. The concept is simple: you place a flower petal, toy or another small object on the Sunprint paper and then place both objects in the sun. Let them sit for a few hours, and then rinse the paper in water. Afterward, you’ll get the shadow imprint of the object on the paper! It works a lot like developing a photo, but with light instead of darkness. You can find Sunprint kits online.

Child-Parent Activity Coupons  

This is a simple, cute idea to bring your family closer together and let the kids feel like they have a voice in the family activities each month. Plan out 12 family activities each month and write them down on individual notecards. Afterward, place the ideas in unique envelopes and let your kids pick one envelope each month to choose the family activity.  

Power Protect

The RAYOVAC® Power Protect is an excellent portable charger with a built-in personal safety alarm. Simply pull the ring from the charger itself and a siren erupts that is audible from 200 yards away*. It’s the perfect peace-of-mind gift for any kids who walk to school or friends who love to jog at night. *varies by geography and environmental conditions. 

Color Changing Putty

Putty is a timeless toy that sparks imagination and creativity. The new variants even change colors based on body temperature! Start a competition to see who can mold the best animal. Winner gets extra whipped cream in their hot cocoa!

Spy Pen

Some kids simply love a good mystery, and a spy pen feeds that adoration. The pens write in invisible ink which is revealed with the pen’s built-in UV light. Consider using the pen to hide clues during a scavenger hunt.

RAYOVAC® flashlight for Shadow Puppet Shows

Stories about monsters and heroes are pretty darn cool when you’re a kid. And you know what else is pretty cool? Producing shadow puppet shows with your child to encourage exploring their inner thespian. Your local library will likely have a beginner’s guide to hand shadows, and we sell virtually-indestructible flashlights to illuminate the performance.

Touchable Bubbles

Bubble chemistry (yes, this is a thing) has come a long way since blowing soap bubbles from a plastic container was a novelty. Look for a bubbly concoction called touchable bubbles, which is non-toxic and washable. It lets your kids (and you) blow resilient bubbles that are strong enough to resist easily bursting. You can even stack them on a table and make bubble castles!

Smartphone Projector

This stocking stuffer is on the expensive side, but it’s a really neat idea for teenagers (or office parties). A smartphone projector allows you to project whatever is on your phone’s screen to a blank wall or large white canvas. It’s a great option for at-home picnics, movies in the backyard and even your holiday parties!

RAYOVAC® is a trademark of Spectrum Brands, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

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How to Be Somebody's Hero by Giving the Gift of Hearing

by rayovac1, December 2016

An elderly couple is fitted with hearing aids by Starkey and Rayovac Starkey Hearing Foundation and Rayovac are committed to helping people everywhere hear the vivid world they live in. We strive to empower every person who needs help — whether they are a young girl who hears her mom say, “I love you,” for the first time, a teenager who is getting a better education, a parent who can acquire a better job, or a grandparent who can regale their loved ones with wisdom from their adventures. And now you can join us. You too can be someone’s hero and give the gift of hearing.

This holiday season we’re making changing a life easier than swapping a light bulb.

Here’s how you can help.

Right now you can gift people around the world the ability to hear by purchasing specially-marked Rayovac hearing aid battery packages. For every purchase, Rayovac will donate $0.25 to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Rayovac and Starkey have a long history of working together to help people hear and better connect with their loved ones. We’re excited to continue this effort through the Give the Gift of Hearing campaign.

Starkey partners with audiologists and local communities, domestically and internationally, to provide hearing aids and supplies to people who can't afford them. The effects of this work are widespread and transformative among people in the communities they help.  

“We hear often from people who we provide hearing aids to that before [our help] they were living in a world of isolation,” says Keith Beise, a digital media associate for the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

But after working on a hearing aid expedition in Mexico, Beise learned the help Starkey and Rayovac give quickly ends the isolation and replaces it with communication, comfort and love.

“It was my very first day that I'd ever been fitting hearing aids, and I'm helping this older gentleman while his wife is standing there next to me,” Beise recalls. “I was fitting him with the hearing aid he needed, and as I'm fitting him his wife turns to me and says (through a translator), ‘I'm so excited for my husband to hear me say 'I love him' again.’”

He says that moment really drove home how important hearing is, and how disconnected from loved ones some individuals can become without it.  

“As I turned on his hearing aid, ‘I love you’ is the first thing she said to him,” he says. “It was a really cool moment. So if you ask, ‘what does this really change in a life?’ It's a lot.”

Beise’s experiences are common among people who help Starkey on these aid missions.

He says that when a person does not hear well they tend to shy away from audible conversations. Some people are worried that they are going to be looked down upon for their hearing loss, or that people are frustrated with them because communication is a challenge. So they tend to live much more isolated lives.   Suddenly, being able to hear breaks this isolation for people and it can present incredible opportunities to enrich their lives. In 2013, Starkey studied the consequences of their help with students in Africa.

They gave hearing aids to 40 hearing-impaired students and discovered those students—who were performing in the lowest percentile of their classes—began outperforming the students who were in the highest percentile.

As for adults, Beise says Starkey gets reports from people who are able to get jobs or get better jobs because they're now able to hear.

Life is comprised of creating and sharing moments, dreams and goals with other people. Although your role in this campaign may seem small in scale, its effect is enormous. Like the old tale of a man walking the seashore before dawn and throwing starfish back into the sea, your help monumental to the affected people.

So, are you ready to change a life?

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Don't Miss these Black Friday Deals

by rayovac23, November 2016

While you’re gift shopping to help make a perfect holiday for your family and friends, don’t forget to snag some long-lasting Rayovac batteries to power those toys and tools. Several Rayovac products, from batteries to flashlights, are on sale during Black Friday at your favorite big-box stores and on our website. 


If you’re tackling Black Friday sales from your couch, then find our products at the links below:



Best Buy

Game Stop


And if you’re braving the stores and Black Friday crowds, then grab in-store sales at:


The Home Depot

True Value Hardware 

Batteries Plus


Blains Farm & Flee

Mills Fleet Farm

And many more!


We at Rayovac wish you, your family and your friends a safe, happy holiday season. And remember, when your kids’ toys have to work on Christmas morning, Rayovac batteries are a sure thing! 

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The 6 Best, Most Versatile Rayovac Lights for Hiking

by rayovac28, October 2016

Flashlights and lanterns for hikingHiking during the fall offers some of the most breathtaking scenery and wildlife encounters. The fall season also means the sun sets earlier, and the cold evening air seeps in faster. So it’s always a good idea to bring a reliable light source with you when you’re off hiking or camping. That way if you’re ever out in the dark, you can find your way back to the trailhead before the cold becomes too bitter.  But what type of light do you bring?


Headlamps are the go-to option for solo hikers, climbers or campers. Really, anybody who needs a reliable light source while their hands stay free can find a headlamp useful.  Headlamps are offered with various lumens, light patterns and light beam distances. The downsides to headlamps are the lights generally are weaker than a handheld flashlight, and it’s easy to momentarily blind anybody you’re speaking with. Here are two of our favorite headlamps for hiking:

LED 1 Watt 3AA 6 Light Modes Headlight

If you’re using a headlamp for your hike, then this small headlamp is an excellent option. Some might even say it’s essential for nighttime adventures. It’s small enough to fit snug in your pocket, but powerful enough to cut through the darkness with six different modes: three light intensities, a strobe light, a rear red light, and a rear strobe red light. The three AAA batteries the headlamp uses can power the device for up to 16 hours on maximum lumens (105), 30 hours for optimum lumens (48) or 55 hours for economy-setting lumens (26).

Virtually Indestructible High Power 3AAA LED Headlight

On the other hand, if you need something more rugged and straightforward than our six-setting headlamp, then look no further than the virtually indestructible option. It’s made with high-performance LEDs, custom optics and has two modes: a180 lumen setting that illuminates 136 meters ahead of you and lasts for five hours, and a battery saver mode that drops the lumen output to 50 and the distance to 114 meters, but bumps up the battery longevity to 17 hours. These ultra durable headlamps also go through a 30-foot drop test, have a shatterproof lens and they are IPX4 water resistant. For anybody who has a lot of difficult rock scrambles in their hiking routine, then this option is an excellent fit.


Flashlights are the classic option to light up your hike, and they come in plenty of sizes and brightness levels to meet whatever requirements you have. The only downsides of flashlights are you have to actually hold them somehow (we’re including your mouth and arms here, too), and they’re bulky and a bit heavy. Otherwise, a good flashlight will last you a lifetime and light up any dark space.

The BEAST 2000 Flashlight

Our go-to flashlight to scare away the dark is called The Beast. This 2,000 lumen, dual-LED flashlight shines brighter than a car headlight when it’s on high, and still provides a respectable 200 lumens on the energy saving setting. We equipped The Beast with a frosted lens that improves its spotlight function. Plus the durable aluminum housing is going to hold up against nearly whatever rough adventures your evening hike can bring.

Virtually Indestructible LED 2D Outdoor Flashlight

Just in case you don’t need something strong enough to light up an entire football field like The Beast, we also have a high-performance LED flashlight that brings a powerful 320 lumens (75  in energy saving mode) that brightens an area up to 302 meters away (148 in energy saving mode).  The battery life on this flashlight is stupendous, and it’s excellent for longer hikes or extended weekend trips. The flashlight lasts 16 hours on its high setting and 160 hours on the energy saver mode.  Plus the aluminum-titanium alloy body can easily withstand our 30-foot drop test, and a shatter-proof lens alongside the ANSI FL1 water resistance means this virtually indestructible flashlight is going to handle whatever gets thrown at it.


Lanterns are an excellent option for larger hiking groups who don’t want to blind each other with errant shines of a headlamp or flashlight. They work particularly well for picnic hikes, fishing adventures or any outdoor event where you’ll be standing still for a while.

Rayovac Sportsman 3-D Outdoor Lantern

When you need a wide area lit up around you, even the darkest areas are conquered by this powerful lantern from the Rayovac Indestructible series. Some might call our Sportsman lantern the undisputed king of durable lanterns, and we agree. We’ve designed the lantern with multiple resilient features, various light output levels, a compact design and impact resistant internal engineering. If you’re looking for a rough-and-tough lantern that keeps shining when the darkness creeps closer, then your search stops here.

LED 4 Watt 3D 305 Lumen Area Lantern

On the other hand, if you’re just hiking close to camp, then our SD 305 lumen lamp will satisfy all of lighting needs. We think of this as the perfect camping lantern, but it works well for group hikes, too. It’s water-resistant and has a sturdy handle and resilient casing that holds up to bumps, scrapes and falls. The three lighting modes allow you to customize the amount of light you need and the battery life you want.

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