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Power in Your Pocket: A Portable Cell Phone Charger Saves the Day!

by rayovac18, February 2013

You know the sound. The dreaded death beep. The small, sad way your mobile device lets you know it’s famished. It’s the moment when you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I get that mobile cell phone charger?”


Murphy’s Law says the beep will come while you’re using your cellular GPS to navigate unfamiliar roads. It will cry out as you’re trying to give directions to an important client. It will taunt you during an Ebay bidding war. Worst-case scenario, the beep is long gone and you discover your phone is dead during a 911 situation. We all rely on our mobile devices to keep us connected to the world around us. Sometimes it’s just a matter of convenience, but other times it’s an emergency. That’s why a mobile battery charger is a must.


With Rayovac’s On-the-Go Charger, your heart won’t sink when your mobile device cries out to be fed. This light, compact mobile battery charger houses a powerful Lithium Ion battery that puts charging power right in your pocket. With a keychain attachment, the charger can be recharged hundreds of times. It holds its charge for up to 12 months, so you can feed your cell phone, MP3 player, digital camera, or any Apple device wherever you may be. Just think: a simple portable cell phone charger can give you 45 extra minutes of talk time. At less than $20, it’s an easy way to fend off the dreaded beep!

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“Go Green” with Your Next Hearing Aid Battery

by rayovac18, February 2013

Need a new battery for your hearing aid? Wondering about the quality of the mercury-free varieties on the market? Mercury-free batteries possess the same reliable power and performance as their less-green predecessors but with the added value of contributing to a cleaner environment. A “green” hearing aid battery does more than just keep mercury out of landfills. They also help customers comply with newly enacted legislation that has banned mercury-containing button batteries.

What's the Mercury Fuss All About?

Every discarded battery that isn’t mercury-free contributes to an unsafe environment. When a tossed-out battery begins to degrade, the mercury it contains will seep into the ground. That tiny bit of mercury will then combine with mercury seepage from other decomposing batteries. Eventually, the accumulation can creep into our drinking water and contaminate neighboring lakes and streams. Other disturbing results include the death of wildlife and deformities it can create in their offspring. More...

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Virtually Indestructible Flashlight Aces Abusive Lab Tests

by rayovac29, January 2013

Rayovac® and its virtually indestructible flashlight were recently apart of a test which had 4 different flashlight brands vying for title of toughest flashlight. Living up to its name, the virtually indestructible flashlight endured multiple abusive lab tests and passed each one with flying colors.

The prominent service magazine, Popular Mechanics, selected the indestructible to be one of four flashlights to undergo the abusive tests. They wanted to figure out which flashlight could sustain the most punishment and still keep its shape and brightness. The flashlights were then put through four different tests in order to prove their durability or lack there of. The tests included smashing the lights onto iron stakes, running them over with a car, dunking them into a lake for seven hours and dropping them from 25 feet in the air onto concrete.

After the tests were complete, the indestructible flexed it muscles and came out on top. It displayed incredible toughness by withstanding major punishment and refusing to relinquish its shine. Whether it was run over, drowned or repeatedly smashed like a hammer the indestructible flashlight proved to be ultra durable while also being extremely cost effective. More...

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