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One Simple Way a Portable Cell Phone Charger Can Save You From Airport Boredom | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac3, April 2014

Hey iPhone users - Going on a trip? Avoid the race for an outlet at the airport and pack a portable iPhone charger - Click here to learn more.

Picture yourself on your way to your dream vacation, all of your worries behind you, and the last thing on your mind is whether you packed your portable iPhone charger. Once you arrive at the airport however, you find yourself stuck because of unforeseen delays or canceled flights. Frustrated, you take out your phone to let your friends and family know, but instead of a bright screen, you see the awful blinking red light informing you that your battery has died.

Inevitably, you forgot to charge your phone the night before and there are no convenient outlets available for you to plug in your phone at the airport. Now you are stuck, disconnected and bored—left with no choice but to stare constantly at the slowly moving clock, irritated that you are not yet in paradise.

Imagine instead a different scenario. After you are delayed at the airport and pull out your phone, upset that it doesn't have any power, you remember packing a portable iPhone charger in your bag just in case. Woohoo! This story is now a much different one. While you'll still have to sit in the uncomfortable airport seats, you won't be bored or disconnected. Your portable power affords you access to important information that you would otherwise miss:  More...

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by rayovac1, April 2014



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Intriguing Way a Portable Charger is Better Than a Pair of Rabbits | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac26, March 2014

Prepare for emergencies with a portable charger! When the lights go out or your phone dies, a portable charger brings back the power - Click here to learn more.

From the absurd (a pair of rabbits) to the practical (a phone and portable charger for your phone), most people have a unique answer to the classic thought problem: If you were stuck on an island and only allowed to bring one thing with you, what do you bring?

While those who might choose to bring a pair of rabbits (for entertainment or... to eat?) seem to follow the beat of their own drum, most of us might choose a more practical option such as an electronic device to communicate for help. It's no surprise that we might rely on technology for survival with many of us dependent on technology for work, news, entertainment and social life. Much like you wouldn't want to be stuck on a hypothetical island with no ability to call for help, you wouldn't want to same thing to happen during a real-life emergency.   More...

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How A USB Battery Pack Helped Me Ditch My Nickname, “Mom” | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac19, March 2014

When an emergency hits, you don't have time to worry about a dead phone! A USB battery pack is a must-have during any emergency - Click here to learn more.

When I began putting together the emergency disaster kit for the apartment I shared with my roommate, John, it never occurred to me that something as small and simple as a USB battery pack would end up being the thing that saved our lives.

Ironically, our emergency disaster kit was the source of a long and somewhat heated debate between us. All roommates have their unique squabbles, and John and I are no different. Our dynamic can easily be put into perspective with the fact that his nickname for me is "Mom" because I'm a planner and an organizer. I like the house neat, things in their place, and I like to go to bed around the same time every night. John, however, is much more casual about his lifestyle and he couldn't care less if the cups go back in the same cabinet every time, or at all. And, I'm still not convinced he isn't a vampire, as he never seems to sleep—at least on a normal schedule. More...

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What do a Little Black Bag, an Emergency Cell Phone Charger, and Canned Soup Have in Common? | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac10, March 2014

Many don't think about preparing for the unexpected. Make sure to create your own go-bag, with everything you might need from an emergency cell phone charger to important documents.

That's an easy one: an emergency cell phone charger and a can of soup are both packed in your little black go-bag. Right now, however, it's the furthest thing from your mind as you juggle a job, the kids' schedules, meal preparation, and other errands. But knowing that it's tucked away at the bottom of your pantry makes you feel secure that it's there, just in case.

Your expecting sister-in-law, Bev, is the one who brings it to your attention when she is visiting and goes into the pantry for a snack. She reaches for the jar of peanuts, her latest craving, and asks you what that odd black bag is doing in your pantry. It takes you a second to realize what she is talking about, but you figure out it must be your go-bag for emergencies. It's easy to explain to Bev what it is, but more difficult to convince her that it's necessary. After all, she says, why bother if emergencies rarely happen around here? More...

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How Mobile iPhone Power Could Have Changed History | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac3, March 2014

Mobile iPhone power is the wave of the future, and dead batteries are a thing of the past. Know you'll have power whenever and wherever you need it with portable power from Rayovac.The course of history might have changed drastically if iPhones and access to mobile iPhone power were available to our ancestors.

Consider, for instance, the tragic story of Antony and Cleopatra. On a fateful night in 41 B.C.E., the Roman general Mark Antony fell in love with the Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra at first sight. The love that existed between the two leaders outraged Antony's brother and future emperor, Octavian, who brought the full force of the Roman army against the couple. During battle, Antony received false news that Cleopatra died, and shattered, he fell on his sword. Cleopatra, shocked at learning of Antony's death, subsequently took her own life not wanting to live without her love.

But what if instead, these famous leaders were able to rely on iPhones and mobile iPhone power? What might have happened differently?

Upon receiving the news of Cleopatra's supposed death while he was in battle, Antony might instead have been more suspicious. It's possible he may have pulled out his iPhone from his armor and taken a moment to text the love of his life to see if he was told the truth.

Mark > Cleopatra: “Hey babe, let me know if you’re still alive. ily so much!” More...

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