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Energy Saving Household Tips

by rayovac16, November 2015

Check out some energy saving tips and become more efficient in your household!

Looking for ways to save money on your next energy bill? Lucky for you, the home is filled with lots of different ways to conserve energy. Check out some energy saving tips and become more efficient in your household!

Energy Saving Tips

  • Unplug phone chargers and other electronics when not in use. 75% of all electricity used to power home electronics goes to devices that are switched off.
  • Try using rechargeable batteries. They provide power and energy to high-drain devices like video game controllers and toys.   More...

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Which Portable Charger Is Right For You?

by rayovac5, November 2015

Deciding between Power and Price? Check out Rayovac's current arsenal of portable back-up chargers.

Portable chargers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and power capacities. Believe it or not, choosing the correct one that will satisfy your power needs is a big deal. Smartphones have become the must have accessory when leaving the house, helping you check email, take photos, play music and games, and stay social when on the go. Use this advice to make sure you get the very best portable charger for your needs and budget. Deciding between Power and Price? Check out our current arsenal of portable back-up chargers.

Rayovac DayTripper Power Pack 2000 1X Phone Charge

Capacity: 2000mAh Lithium Ion, Output: 1A/1 Port, Weight: 6oz, Price: $34.99     More...

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Clear Sound Technology – Advancing the Power of Hearing™

by rayovac2, November 2015

Use this as a reminder to find a store and pick up some high tech Rayovac school supplies!

Rayovac’s Clear Sound Technology provides consistent, quality performance through the whole life of the battery. The improved cell design provides more days of life for advanced device functionality and the reduction of those annoying early low battery tones.* 

Clear Sound Technology provides:

  1. Power On Demand – Improved cell design delivers higher voltage for high-tech applications*  
  2. Consistent Battery Life – High tech formula provides clear sound and a reliable experience in everyday use
  3. Improved Durability - Dispensing sealant where it matters most provides extended shelf life and stability in extreme conditions*  More...

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Power Tips For A Safe Halloween

by rayovac26, October 2015

Use this as a reminder to find a store and pick up some high tech Rayovac school supplies!

Searching for ways to make Halloween safer? Rayovac has the power you need to keep children safe when trick-or-treating. Plan out your spooky night with tips from Rayovac.

Light Up The Night

A flashlight companion can light your path and scare away the ghouls and goblins. Be the safest parent on the block - remember your trusty light source.

Light The Way: Don’t let the darkness scare you from visiting the last few houses on your route. Pack a beast1 worthy flashlight that shatters darkness with one simple switch.   More...

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How-To Assemble Your Rayovac Headlamp

by rayovac7, October 2015


There are three vital components when assembling your Rayovac Sportsman Headlamp – the comfort strap, bracket and main lighting unit. Connecting the comfort strap can be completed in 4 simple steps listed below. You can also watch the how to video for more detailed instructions. For advanced help please follow the instructions below and watch the video simultaneously.  More...

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Tailgate With Full Power

by rayovac24, September 2015

Use this as a reminder to find a store and pick up some high tech Rayovac school supplies!

Survive your next tailgate party with full cell phone power! How many times per year do you tailgate? The average sports fan attends 6-10 tailgate parties each season. That’s a lot of chips and salsa! Sadly, I bet you can count on one hand the number of times your phone battery has made it through the entire celebration. No one wants to spend the game guarding their phone by an outlet when they could be watching their team dominate. When it comes to tailgate power, what game plan will you choose?

Plan A: Fully charge your phone before you head out and hope the battery makes it to the 3rd quarter. Plan B: Ration yourself 5 photos and 10 text messages per quarter. Data usage is reserved for emergencies only. Plan C: Be prepared with portable power and never miss a call, a text, or a photo op.  More...

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