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Don't Miss these Black Friday Deals

by rayovac23, November 2016

While you’re gift shopping to help make a perfect holiday for your family and friends, don’t forget to snag some long-lasting Rayovac batteries to power those toys and tools. Several Rayovac products, from batteries to flashlights, are on sale during Black Friday at your favorite big-box stores and on our website. 


If you’re tackling Black Friday sales from your couch, then find our products at the links below:



Best Buy

Game Stop


And if you’re braving the stores and Black Friday crowds, then grab in-store sales at:


The Home Depot

True Value Hardware 

Batteries Plus


Blains Farm & Flee

Mills Fleet Farm

And many more!


We at Rayovac wish you, your family and your friends a safe, happy holiday season. And remember, when your kids’ toys have to work on Christmas morning, Rayovac batteries are a sure thing! 

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A Black Friday For The Ages, Or Not? | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac20, November 2014

Reorganize your Black Friday shopping list by making alkaline batteries a top priority!

Has Black Friday lost its mystique? Are the deals just not what they use to be? For many years, Black Friday, the day when shoppers gather to raid the local strip malls, has been thought of as the best day to find a deal but lately the deals are far from amazing. Noticing a lackluster deal is half the battle while the other half is finding the genuine deals that will help save you money. Reorganize your Black Friday shopping list by making alkaline batteries a top priority. The gift that keeps on giving and the deal with the biggest payoff!

Since the early 2000’s, Black Friday has slowly transitioned from a bargain hunters’ dream to a national holiday. Black Friday has become less about deals and more about profits – putting retailers in a festive mood. What retailers fail to mention is that Black Friday has morphed into Christmas Eve, when deals are hard to find and prices are cleverly reduced. Remember when 60% off was the norm and door-busting deals lived up to their name? Now’s the time to craft a new holiday shopping strategy and show the retailers you mean business.   More...

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