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Portable Power: Long Time Accessory, New Age Necessity

by rayovac22, April 2013

In today’s world, owning a personal cell phone has quickly become a rite of passage. The age to acquire and operate a mobile device has gradually been lowered as the younger generations have started to rely on technology more than ever. Those who do not own a cell phone or mobile device are quickly becoming the minority.

The transition to connect the world via cell phone has caused mobile device accessories to become necessities all their own. Sure, cool accessories like designer phone cases and wireless headsets have seen a rise in popularity, but they’re still not considered a necessity from today’s standards. Conversely, an innovative gadget like the mobile battery charger has transformed itself from optional accessory to absolute necessity.

To make the list of daily human necessities, a common problem must be solved. Portable chargers have created new peace of mind for those who depend on their mobile device on a day-to-day basis. Forgotten are the days when leaving the house with a half powered battery would be a cause for concern. Rayovac’s charger for mobile phone has cured this new-age problem by providing consumers with convenient on the go power.

Living the ‘prepared’ lifestyle dates back a number of years, but only recently has taken on new meaning. With the introduction of new technologies, being prepared for the failure of these technologies has become increasingly important. Recognizing the mobile device is the most vital technology in the world today, Rayovac set out to create a mobile cell phone charger that people can depend on. Consumers can now feel secure knowing their mobile device has its own fail-safe in case of emergency. The evolution of ‘being prepared’ just became a little easier to tame, courtesy of Rayovac. More...

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Power in Your Pocket: A Portable Cell Phone Charger Saves the Day!

by rayovac18, February 2013

You know the sound. The dreaded death beep. The small, sad way your mobile device lets you know it’s famished. It’s the moment when you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I get that mobile cell phone charger?”


Murphy’s Law says the beep will come while you’re using your cellular GPS to navigate unfamiliar roads. It will cry out as you’re trying to give directions to an important client. It will taunt you during an Ebay bidding war. Worst-case scenario, the beep is long gone and you discover your phone is dead during a 911 situation. We all rely on our mobile devices to keep us connected to the world around us. Sometimes it’s just a matter of convenience, but other times it’s an emergency. That’s why a mobile battery charger is a must.


With Rayovac’s On-the-Go Charger, your heart won’t sink when your mobile device cries out to be fed. This light, compact mobile battery charger houses a powerful Lithium Ion battery that puts charging power right in your pocket. With a keychain attachment, the charger can be recharged hundreds of times. It holds its charge for up to 12 months, so you can feed your cell phone, MP3 player, digital camera, or any Apple device wherever you may be. Just think: a simple portable cell phone charger can give you 45 extra minutes of talk time. At less than $20, it’s an easy way to fend off the dreaded beep!

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