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17 Awesome Family Activities You Should Do This Fall

by rayovac29, September 2016

Fall is finally upon us, and now we can start fully enjoying all of the wonderful activities autumn offers. If you’re looking for some fun family events and ideas to do this fall, then our list below will help!

Outdoor Fall Activities for Families


Early fall is the best time for camping. The leaves change colors, different animals migrate to the area and it’s the perfect temperature for campfires. Nothing tastes better than campfire-roasted fall foods. Sweet potatoes, corn and even s'mores!  Make sure you have a portable lantern and a powerful flashlight for night hikes and curling up in your sleeping bag with a good book. Rayovac’s friend, Tim, has more advice to make your family’s camping adventures fantastic.


Hands down, trick-or-treating is the best event in October. Halloween is so much fun, and getting to dress up as somebody (or something) else for a day can be a blast. Designing and creating costumes, and then slipping into the cool evening air and exploring the neighborhood among the other goblins and ghouls is equally spooky and delightful. Plus there is the month-long supply of candy, too. Be sure to visit the blog again in October for Rayovac’s Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips.

Scenic Hikes to Watch the Leaves Change

If you live in an area that experiences autumn colors, then going for a hike can be one of the most breathtaking weekend excursions. Hiking in the fall serves as excellent exercise, and doing a summer hike in the fall can look completely different with foliage changes.

Bird Watching & Wildlife Spotting

Fall signifies the season when many animals are out and about, whether they’re migrating or simply enjoying the cooler weather. Depending on where you live, a quick jaunt into the woods, mountains or fields with a good pair of binoculars can let you spot plenty of animals you couldn’t see during any other time of the year.

Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes

Is there anything more quintessentially fall than pumpkins and corn mazes? If your family hasn’t visited a farm to track down the perfect pumpkin (to carve or cook) or get lost in towering stalks of corn, then this is a activity is a must!

Outdoor Science Experiments

Science can get messy, and that’s why doing science experiments outside works so well. The ground soaks up any spills, and running these experiments outside helps connect you and your kids to the natural world they’re exploring. Science-Sparks has a fun list of 20 outdoor experiments for kids. And here are two of our favorite experiments: building a tomato battery and making a homemade flashlight.  

Go to a Haunted House

Another one of the best things about the Halloween season, barely edged by scary movies, are haunted houses. If your kids are old enough, then taking them to a haunted house can be one of the best experiences they’ll have all Halloween. The whole family will scream, cry and laugh, scrunch your noses and yell ewww, and feel relieved to escape the horrors.

Indoor Fall Activities for Families

Mason Jar Hot Cocoa

Nothing says fall more than a delicious cup of cocoa with friends and family. Have the kids join in on the fun by creating mason jars full of hot cocoa ingredients to hand out or to keep at home. Get super fancy and top off the powders with mini marshmallows and cocoa shavings.

Paper Bag Jack O’Lanterns

Want to decorate the house for Halloween, entertain the kids and stay on budget? These paper bag jack o’lanterns are the best option. Using lunch sacks and tea light candles around the house, kids can color away and make the house festive!

Bake & Decorate Cookies

What would the holidays be without coming home to the delicious aroma of cookies? Cookie baking and decorating is a great way to bond with the children and create memories to look back on. And with it being the holiday season, stores will be stocked with fun cookie cutter shapes or pre-made doughs. Increase the fun factor by purchasing food coloring and vanilla frosting so the kids can create fun designs on their cookies.

Treasure Hunt

Want to have a few minutes to yourself without the kids getting in your hair? Hide some items around the house, draw a map and tell them to get hunting. Provide a prize for the winner. Perhaps something like no chores that week.

Movie Marathon Night

You made hot cocoa and cookies and decorated the house for Halloween. Now put it all to use with a scary movie marathon night. Let each kid choose a movie, and make it a fun event for the whole family. Sometimes relaxing on the couch is exactly what the family needs.

Tape Art

Take crayons and watercolor paints to the next level by adding tape to the mix. Try something simple to begin with: cut a shape or letter into a piece of painter’s tape, apply the tape to a piece of construction paper, and then let your kids color or paint all over the page. Once the paint’s dry, peel the tape away and enjoy the blank white shapes.

Homemade Ninja Warrior Course (jump over pillows, crawl under tables, push-ups, etc.)

If your kids haven’t watched Ninja Warrior on TV, pull up YouTube and watch their fascination grow. Then get to work. Create an obstacle course for the kids and time how quickly they can get through it. Think of hopping over pillows, crawling under tables and dropping for 20 push-ups. Talk about getting the kids ready for naptime.

Kleenex Box Guitar

Got a musical genius on your hands? Or an artist at heart? Combine arts and crafts and music for an afternoon well spent. Click the tutorial above to learn how to make a guitar with an old Kleenex box, a few rubber bands and a paper towel tube. This best part is this DIY arts and craft project will last, and the kids can play with it again the next day or week.  

DIY Glowing Bouncy Balls

Like the Kleenex box guitar, this is another DIY project that can be kept and used later on. The glowing bouncy balls are perfect for a weekend at home with nothing to do, but remember to buy the ingredients in advance. There aren’t too many items needed, but borax probably isn’t sitting in an average person’s pantry.

Paper Airplane Hoops  

Cut a few circles of varying sizes into a cardboard poster and have your kids fly their paper airplanes through them. The tutorial above shows a poster with a point scale – more points earned for smaller holes and fewer points earned for larger holes. This activity will keep the kids occupied for hours!

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Five Awesome Summer Activities Your Family Will Love

by rayovac19, July 2016

A family hiking during the summer

Summer vacation may be full of ice cream sandwiches, sand castles and cartoon marathons now, but before you know it the kids will be back to school, waking up early, shuffling off to carpools and dreadfully completing their math homework in the evenings. So before it’s too late, check the following summer activities for kids off your bucket list and enjoy some quality family time.

Dive–In Movie Night in the Backyard

Swap out poodle skirts and mustangs for bikinis and pool noodles to experience a modern day “dive–in” movie. It’s easier than it sounds, too. Use a large white bedsheet and a movie projector (which can be rented at most photography stores), families can replicate a nostalgic movie experience from the 50s in the comfort of their own backyard. Hop in the pool and relax lazy river style or set up a slip–n–slide if a pool is out of the picture. To really enhance the experience, plug in external speakers to a portable power source for surround sound. This fun family activity will surely create countless memories that will be treasured for years to come. If you’re up north and it’s too cold to jump in the pool, consider an inflatable pool filled with pillows and blankets.

 Scavenger Hunt

Is summer even complete without a scavenger hunt? The answer is definitely no. Spice it up this year and instead of giving a complete list of items to find, start with clues that lead to destinations; then at each destination, give another clue leading to the next location. The first team to get to every location wins. Don’t forget safety; always bring a flashlight if you’re doing a scavenger hunt at night, and consider making this family activity mom versus dad, one parent on each team. To lessen the prep time beforehand, limit the search area to home or the neighborhood.

Homemade Music Video

This might sound a little over the top, but when you consider how far modern technology has come, producing a homemade music video is extremely easy. Throw on some of your little one’s favorite tunes, let them play dress up in your closet, and hit record on your smartphone. Pro tip: use a portable phone charger if you plan to create a long video. When it comes to editing, there are plenty of apps for download that help users mash videos together to create a masterpiece, and no one said it had to be perfect, right? The point is, it will be a fun experience for the kids and a great way for the family to bond. After all, family activities this unique and inexpensive are pretty hard to come by nowadays.

 Relay Race Course

This is the activity of all summer activities to tucker the kids out before bedtime.  For your at–home relay race, go all out! Think jumping through hopscotch, carrying an egg on a spoon, double dutching without error for 2 minutes — the sky’s the limit when it comes to relay race courses. Not only is the course itself fun, but the planning of it can be as well. Take some time to brainstorm a list of activities to put in the course with your kids the day before. Try to hype up the game by making signs, picking team colors, and most importantly – create an amazing game day playlist and blast it through speakers as each team races for the win.

Go on a Night Hike

Thought it may be too hot during the day, depending on where you live, going on a nighttime hike with the family is a great way to bond with each other and with nature while also getting some exercise in. The hike can also be an educational experience. Print out informational cards on the types of rock (sedimentary, granite, etc.) and have kids collect and identify what types of stone the family is hiking upon. No rocks? Try flower and plant identification. If everyone enjoys the hike, opt for planning a camping trip next time.  

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