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6 Reasons Your iPhone Should Never Be Without Power

by rayovac16, May 2013

How much space do you need to hold a guitar tuner, baby monitor, cookbook, flashlight, level, radio and camera? If you own an iPhone, the answer is easy: about the space of a back pocket. But when your iPhone power is gone and you don’t have a charger, the most that magic machine can hold is maybe a drink – you know, like a coaster? With Rayovac’s line of portable power products, you’ve got six reasons your iPhone should never suffer that fate: More...

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Mobile Battery Charger: A Nomad’s Necessity in an Increasingly Mobile World

by rayovac25, March 2013

Cell phones and the portable power to feed them have created a new kind of nomad. Free to wander without losing touch, we are an increasingly mobile species. Who leaves the house these days without their phone in pocket and a mobile battery charger in their car?

The numbers are impressive: There are currently 6 billion mobile subscribers on our planet, and that population is exploding - Android's user base alone increases by about 700,000 users daily. With a powerful and light mobile battery charger at the ready, and a device that can hold a charge longer than ever, the modern-day nomad does more than just text and talk on the phone. That person is also researching products, making purchases, mobile banking, keeping up on news, and maintaining constant contact through social networking. In response, businesses are moving heaps of money out of things like radio spots and newspaper adverts, eagerly plunking it into mobile marketing. A whopping 3.3 billion dollars went toward mobile ad spending in 2011 alone. By 2015, that number is projected to be 20.6 billion!

Rayovac is excited to be an important part of this challenging landscape. When you need a portable mobile battery charger, you look to us, and we deliver. Every mobile battery charger we make is designed to be a pack-leader in value, convenience, and quality. We love our customers, and that means we embrace the new nomad. Let us help you roam freely with a mobile battery charger that fits in your pocket and never lets you down!

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Power in Your Pocket: A Portable Cell Phone Charger Saves the Day!

by rayovac18, February 2013

You know the sound. The dreaded death beep. The small, sad way your mobile device lets you know it’s famished. It’s the moment when you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I get that mobile cell phone charger?”


Murphy’s Law says the beep will come while you’re using your cellular GPS to navigate unfamiliar roads. It will cry out as you’re trying to give directions to an important client. It will taunt you during an Ebay bidding war. Worst-case scenario, the beep is long gone and you discover your phone is dead during a 911 situation. We all rely on our mobile devices to keep us connected to the world around us. Sometimes it’s just a matter of convenience, but other times it’s an emergency. That’s why a mobile battery charger is a must.


With Rayovac’s On-the-Go Charger, your heart won’t sink when your mobile device cries out to be fed. This light, compact mobile battery charger houses a powerful Lithium Ion battery that puts charging power right in your pocket. With a keychain attachment, the charger can be recharged hundreds of times. It holds its charge for up to 12 months, so you can feed your cell phone, MP3 player, digital camera, or any Apple device wherever you may be. Just think: a simple portable cell phone charger can give you 45 extra minutes of talk time. At less than $20, it’s an easy way to fend off the dreaded beep!

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