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The Most Interesting Concertgoer in the World | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac8, August 2014

Portable power is ideal for music lovers who enjoy concerts with the luxury of a fully charged phone.

You’ve been there, just another face in the crowd, shuffling through a herd of concert folk eagerly awaiting the rhythmic tunes of your favorite summertime band. Concentration is a must as you weave through the masses gently whispering ‘excuse me’ each time you bump shoulders with a complete stranger. But little do they know: they just brushed shoulders with the most interesting concertgoer in the world.

Your secret is safe, at least for the time being. But, when word gets out that your packing the cell phone power that everybody craves one can only imagine what will happen next. Once the word is out the transformation is complete, you have officially become the most interesting concertgoer in the world. Able to charge a cell phone with a single battery boost and leap from stage to stage charging the dying iPhone of the concert groupie who may soon faint unless she gets her 100th selfie.  More...

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Top 10 Gifts That Dad’s Secretly Want | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac11, June 2014

Top 10 Gifts That Dads Secretly Want.

Ever since you were born, the month of June means a little more to the guy you call Dad. Father’s Day resides in June, a blessed reminder that during his lifetime he created you. Practical gifts like socks and deodorant simply won’t cut it for this year’s gift. Luckily, we know what Dad secretly wants for his special day.

1. Beer Assistant –Fetching a beer should be one less responsibility on Father’s Day. Serve him up an ice-cold beer wrapped with his favorite sports team koozie.

2. Cheap Golf Balls –When it comes to golf, not all dads are created equal. Buy him some cheap balls so he doesn’t feel bad when he hits them in the water.

3. Portable Power – The tech-savvy dad always has his cell phone on his hip in case of emergency. Arm him with extra cell power from Rayovac and Superdad might make an appearance.

4. Fathead – According to dad: “Go Big or Go Home” and “Bigger is Better”. A life-size portrait of his favorite sports star will have him grinning from ear to ear. More...

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How A USB Battery Pack Helped Me Ditch My Nickname, “Mom” | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac19, March 2014

When an emergency hits, you don't have time to worry about a dead phone! A USB battery pack is a must-have during any emergency - Click here to learn more.

When I began putting together the emergency disaster kit for the apartment I shared with my roommate, John, it never occurred to me that something as small and simple as a USB battery pack would end up being the thing that saved our lives.

Ironically, our emergency disaster kit was the source of a long and somewhat heated debate between us. All roommates have their unique squabbles, and John and I are no different. Our dynamic can easily be put into perspective with the fact that his nickname for me is "Mom" because I'm a planner and an organizer. I like the house neat, things in their place, and I like to go to bed around the same time every night. John, however, is much more casual about his lifestyle and he couldn't care less if the cups go back in the same cabinet every time, or at all. And, I'm still not convinced he isn't a vampire, as he never seems to sleep—at least on a normal schedule. More...

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New Products Release Date; CES 2014 Coming To A Close

by rayovac10, January 2014

Today marks the final day of CES 2014 and with it comes the end of an exciting week for product innovation. In 2014, Rayovac will roll out a number of new portable power chargers that are sure to impress techies around the globe. Affordable, mobile power solutions for the entire family!

7-Hour Power Recharge, Phone Boost 800, Power Pack 2000 and Power Pack 6000 will all release in May of 2014. And for those who couldn’t make it to CES, check out this blog post written by an Iowa mom who knows an innovative product when she sees it.

Rayovac will be attending International CES 2014 which takes place January 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the event, Rayovac’s groundbreaking 2-Hour Power portable charging device will be honored for outstanding product design and innovation.

If you haven’t seen this little bad boy, you need to check it out! We went on a week long road trip from SW Iowa, to West Texas, up to North Iowa and back down to SW Iowa and the kids used their iPod touches for movies, games and music. I can’t begin to express how happy I was to take the 2-Hour Power portable charging device with us. We used it countless times to recharge the kids’ iPods.

Rayovac will also showcase a brand new line of portable chargers that will be added to its already spectacular product line. New products include a 7-Hour Power that uses rechargeable batteries, (this makes me beyond excited!) a rechargeable phone boost now compatible with Apple lightning tip (can we say ‘giddy’!) and much more.

-Tanya (Mommy Goggles)

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9 Ways You Can Tell If Someone Uses Portable Power

by rayovac19, September 2013

The following are nine easy ways to tell if someone is packing portable power. If you happen spot one of these tell tale signs ask them to: “SHOW YOU THE POWER!”

  1. Their screen is set to the highest brightness. ALL THE TIME.


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A Portable iPhone Rechargeable Battery is Today’s Savvy Air Traveler’s Essential Tool

by rayovac31, July 2013

"Maybe I'm just not as comfortable being powerless as you are."

- Don Draper, Mad Men

Next time you're walking through a crowded airport, remember these words of wisdom as you pat your left pocket with your portable iPhone rechargeable battery. Thanks to this essential tool, you will never find yourself powerless on the go. Don't you just know if Draper were he traveling in our day instead of in the '60s, Draper would carry an iPhone rechargeable battery in the breast pocket of his suit? He'd probably stow it right next to his Lucky Strikes - you know, close to his heart.

In Draper's day, travelers who wanted to power up during air travel would have lit up during travel. Today's passengers are concerned instead with literal power, the kind for mobile devices. They don't fear battery depletion on their tablets and mobile phones with these travel-friendly portable power solutions:

1. PS68 Phone Boost Charger: Slip it on your keychain for an hour of extra talk time. Holds a charge for up to a year and can be recharged hundreds of times.


2. PS69 USB Wall Charger: With its fold-in plug, this portable wall charger fits in your carry-on so you can charge in-terminal any time.

3. PS70 USB Car Charger: Long drive to the airport? Use this 2-port charger to feed your phone while talking, without worry you'll end up power-less on the plane.

4. PS71 External Battery Back Up: This external battery pack gives any 30-pin device two extra hours of talk time. Text and surf in-flight, knowing you'll have ample juice for grabbing when you deplane.

5. PS72 Micro-USB 2-Hour Power: Charge any micro-USB device with this compact external battery for up to two hours of additional talk time. Easy to keep in your pocket or carry-on.


Even if you forget your iPhone rechargeable battery at home, there's no need to panic. Rayovac chargers are sold in airports, ensuring your mobile productivity won't be a slave to the skies. Go mobile above the clouds. Stay connected. Get your Draper on. Be that traveler.

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