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“Go Green” with Your Next Hearing Aid Battery

by rayovac18, February 2013

Need a new battery for your hearing aid? Wondering about the quality of the mercury-free varieties on the market? Mercury-free batteries possess the same reliable power and performance as their less-green predecessors but with the added value of contributing to a cleaner environment. A “green” hearing aid battery does more than just keep mercury out of landfills. They also help customers comply with newly enacted legislation that has banned mercury-containing button batteries.

What's the Mercury Fuss All About?

Every discarded battery that isn’t mercury-free contributes to an unsafe environment. When a tossed-out battery begins to degrade, the mercury it contains will seep into the ground. That tiny bit of mercury will then combine with mercury seepage from other decomposing batteries. Eventually, the accumulation can creep into our drinking water and contaminate neighboring lakes and streams. Other disturbing results include the death of wildlife and deformities it can create in their offspring.

The Mercury-Free Way

Mercury, traditionally used as a stabilizer, no longer needs to be included in any hearing aid battery devices. Many people have just been slow to warm to the change, questioning whether there are any advantages in choosing the greener option. The truth of the matter is that mercury-free batteries have the same explicit benefits as their predecessors and have defined themselves as a new, cleaner, and equally effective alternative. Whether you use hearing aid battery 10, 13, 312, 675, or a combination of these, “green” options are now available to you. Why choose anything else?

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