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Grab Your Surfboard: Rayovac’s Presence in Social Media is Causing Waves

by rayovac18, February 2013

Swells of Rayovac fans from around the world have gathered online to connect with their favorite battery brand. Social media is quickly becoming the preferred way to receive brand related news and we’re taking advantage by hanging ten and riding the social media tidal wave. Consumers will have no trouble finding Rayovac on a large number of social sites including Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Go ahead and ask the obvious: What’s a company like Rayovac tweeting and plus-one- ing? For starters, we’re actually giving away goodies you can really use – discounts, coupons, gift guides, tips, and more. Browse the Rayovac Pinterest boards and discover big sweepstakes that are sure to satisfy your freebie cravings. On Twitter and Facebook, we tickle the occasional funny bone and deliver news and tips about things like storm-preparedness, new technology in portable cell phone chargers, the best battery for hearing aid use, and more. Located on our Youtube channel, are countless videos ranging from popular commercials to how-to videos. You can even watch the Virtually Indestructible flashlight take a beating like none other. Weekly giveaways and holiday inspired deals have made these social sites a popular meeting place for fans of all ages.

In the past, engaging with brands was far from personal. Word of mouth was seemingly the only way to discover new brands and share your interests with others. Remember when mailing a hand-written letter was the only way to contact your favorite brand? With the creation of social media, those days are now long and gone. Connecting with Rayovac via social media is the new way to interact with other brand enthusiasts and a surefire way to make your voice heard.

Here’s your personal invitation: Come check us out on your favorite social media outlets. No more writer’s cramp after writing a lengthy letter to consumer services and no more product requests falling on deaf ears. Make your voice heard with a simple splash of social media.


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