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Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries: Making the World Hear Better

by rayovac18, February 2013

History is a funny sort of thing. Certain unforgettable moments rise to the surface – world wars, political scandals, the discovery of new lands. So many other events sink below the surface, waiting to be discovered by curious minds. Those little buried gems add up to great richness. We’d argue that this richness includes Rayovac’s impact on the hearing-impaired world through a commitment to high performance batteries for hearing aids.

The Rayovac minds that filed patent on the first vacuum-tube hearing aid did so in 1937, the same year that Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Atlantic, the Hindenburg burst into flames, Hitler’s tyranny was unfolding, and pre-WWII unrest was beginning to stir in Asia. America was in the thick of the Great Depression. Needless to say, it’s no surprise that our patent filing wasn’t splashed across the front pages.

Still, that’s where Rayovac’s deep roots with the hearing-impaired world began. Those roots continue to keep us passionate when developing new battery for hearing aid technology. In 1963, nearly 30 years after the patent was filed, Rayovac opened its first facility dedicated to producing the best hearing aid battery that money could buy. In 1989, another facility was opened in the U.K., giving consumers worldwide the chance to try Rayovac batteries. Rayovac’s accomplishments in the hearing aid industry have been well documented. Check out the timeline below and view the illustrious history yourself.

1949 – Rayovac introduces the crown cell alkaline for hearing aid
1964 – Rayovac develops the dial pack for hearing aid batteries
1977 – Zinc Air Hearing Aid Battery Cell Introduced
1979 – The Rayovac MicroPower Group was established
1980 – The new and superior “Air 2000” premium hearing aid battery was launched
1986 – 8-pack Dial Card Configuration Introduced
1995 – Size 5A Introduced
1996 – Launch of High Power
1997 – 12-pack Introduced
1998 – 36-pack Introduced
1999 – Increased Capacity Over 12-18 Months
2003 – High Rate and Long Life in One Design
2004 – State-of-the-art Sealant
2005 – World’s Only 4-Year Freshness Date Code - Rayovac Advanced Introduction
2006 – Launch of Rayovac Advanced – up to 17% More Power and 10% more mAh
2006 – Launch of Rayovac Cochlear
2007 – Launch of Rayovac Extreme Performance
2008 – Launch of Rayovac Mercury Free Hearing Aid Battery 10, 13, 312, 675, the world’s longest lasting mercury free hearing aid battery

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