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Battery Operated LED Lights that Fit Your Pocket and Your Budget

by rayovac11, March 2013

For about the price of a non-fat latte, you can treat yourself to something far more useful – a compact pocket light. Determining the usefulness of a product is said to be in the eye of the beholder. But with a battery-operated LED light, the usefulness doesn’t even come into question. It’s common knowledge that everyone should own at least one LED light. It may not perk you up like caffeine, but it can make a huge difference in nighttime, roadside, and weather emergencies. Most LED lights fit right in the palm of your hand and come equipped with impact-resistant casing. Not to mention, they’re just convenient.

The Rayovac pocket light weighs next to nothing, and contains super-bright LED bulbs that can shine up to 100 feet. Whether you’re looking under the hood of your car, searching for lost keys, or rummaging through a pitch-black tent, a compact pocket light comes in handy when you need it most. The oversized on/off switch is great for people with arthritis, poor vision, or impatience. And with just a few Rayovac alkaline AAA batteries, you can run the light for nearly two days straight – up to 42 hours.

The list is large for places to keep your handy pocket light: your glove compartment, purse, backpack, toolkit, tackle box, hunting pack, and nightstand. At just five bucks per pocket light, buying multiple lights has never been more affordable! Our pocket light won’t take up nearly as much room as a standard flashlight, and with its lifetime warranty, you’ll never need to replace it. It’s time to put the power of battery-operated LED lights in the palm of your hand!


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