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Do our Best Rechargeable Batteries Make Financial Sense for Your Household?

by rayovac1, April 2013

We get asked a lot: What are the best rechargeable batteries? Are they worth paying more than alkaline? The truth is that they serve different purposes. Commonly the question is asked because people just aren’t sure if they want to pay the extra money for rechargeable batteries. However, if you regularly use high-drain devices like gaming remotes and digital cameras, you’ll quickly see that paying for the slight premium can keep more cash in your pocket over time.

Let’s take a household that averages 8 AA battery replacements every month. The initial cost for 8 rechargeable batteries is $16. Their charger costs $7.00. So, right off the bat, you’re spending $23 to make the leap. With 8 alkaline batteries costing just around $6.00, it might be tempting to pass over those rechargeables and stay old-school. However, for a true battery connoisseur to stick with alkaline, you’ll end up spending twice as much on your AA batteries over the course of a year.

So, what are the best rechargeable batteries? Ours, of course. We’ve been around for well over a century, at the forefront of battery technology, and we happily offer rechargeable batteries that pack the power you need at a price you can afford. We’ll keep your high-drain devices juiced and ready to go, while you save dollars over time – and put fewer alkaline batteries in the landfills, too!

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