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Get Ready for Camping Season with Battery Operated LED Lights

by rayovac8, April 2013

If a tree falls in a forest, and no one’s around to hear it—isn’t that a bummer? It could be the never-ending winter weather that’s been keeping nature-lovers at bay. But, hey, it’s almost that time of year when no fallen tree will go unheard. Camping season is just around the bend! Time to dust off the tent and camp stove, and if you haven’t already, make the switch to battery operated LED lights for your camping lights and lanterns. We’ve got you covered with our Value Camping Bundle:

Mini-Flashlight? Check! Our mini-flashlights feature high-performance battery-operated LED lights. In high-mode, you can cast a light up to 47 meters away. In low mode, you can cast a spooky glow on your face as you tell lame ghost stories. Water-resistant for when you lake-swim without emptying your pockets. Impact-resistant up to 9 feet for when you throw it because you can’t get the campfire started. Holster included, so you look like a total maverick.

Headlamp? Check! Our Virtually Indestructible headlamps contain our high-performance battery-operated LED lights. With custom optics and high-mode and low-mode settings, you can parade around the campsite looking like you’re special ops. This is the one to throw when you still can’t start that fire: Guaranteed for life, it has rubber shock absorbers and survived our 30-foot drop performance test. Comes with cloth and silicone head- straps.

Mini-Lantern? Check! Our mini-lantern harnesses the power and performance of our battery-operated LED lights. It also has two modes of operation, high and low. The lantern has a comfort-grip handle and a folding tent hang ring, and it’s guaranteed for life. Maybe most important, it has an easy-to-find green LED light that blinks every five seconds when the lantern is off: No more rustling of sleeping bags and inadvertent mashing of fellow campers’ ribs as you desperately seek a light for a midnight trip to the facilities.

Our Value Camping Bundle is all you need for nighttime exploring, in-tent reading, and mortified spotlighting of sounds that go bump in the night. (Don’t worry: It’s almost always a critter coming to scavenge your s’mores crumbs). Harness the power of battery-operated LED lights and then go hug a tree or two before they fall!


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