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Top 5 Ways Portable Power for iPhone 4S Can Reduce Stress

by rayovac3, June 2013

Stress. Say the word out loud. That’s an awful lot of hissing for such a little syllable, right? How fitting! Snake-like, stress can easily creep into and infest your life – and it’ll bite you in the rear if you’re not careful. We can’t stop life from being stressful, but we can certainly find ways to counteract the impact of stressors. Here are five ways portable power for iPhone 4S can reduce some of your built up stress:

1.              Exercise regularly.  Exercise activates your endorphins, clears your mind, and improves your sleep, all of which help reduce stress. Many iPhone apps can make your life easier by helping you manage your daily exercise and eating routine. Having a source of portable power such as the PS68 On-The-GO Charger will ensure that you have the power you need to keep your mind and body in good health.

2.              Plan ahead. Being chronically late and always rushing go hand in hand. Plan your time more wisely. A super power for iPhone 4S users is Siri, who can set timers, alarms, and reminders – all on your verbal command. Portable power like our PS71 External Battery Backup for iPhone will keep you powered (and organized) on the go.

3.              Practice good sleep hygiene. Sleep deprivation raises stress hormones. Too much alcohol, staying up too late, and being in front of a screen (TV, computer, phone) just before bedtime are all bad for sleep. When it’s time to power down, count on our PS69 USB Wall Charger to restore your iPhone to full power, all ready for the next day.

4.              Indulge in music and art. Music can trigger biochemical stress reducers. Art therapy has been used for years to lower stress levels. Another super power for iPhone 4S users is access to tons of music and art apps, so you can indulge your creative side wherever you go! Feeling artfully inspired by scenery on a road trip? Pull, over and take in the view. Your iPhone 4S will be charged up and always ready to go with our PS70 USB Car Charger.

5.              Mini-meditate. When you’re feeling stressed, pick a focal point and go through each of your senses, noticing what that particular sense is experiencing in that moment. Spend about a minute on each sense. Before you know it, you’ll feel your stress level coming down. Besides, what’s there to stress over? With a trusty portable power charger stashed everywhere you go, you’ll always have power right when you need it. Namaste.

Stress isn’t good for you, and it can be contagious. All of the above are good for reducing stress – and good for you in other ways, too. Armed with portable power for iPhone 4S, it’s time to make a change and see how much happier your life can be!

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