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Power Up the Best Battery for iPhone and Never Miss out on Moments that Matter

by rayovac11, June 2013

There’s probably never going to be an emergency game of ‘Words with Friends’ or a critical moment at which you need to “like” someone’s picture on Facebook that requires immediate power for the best battery for iPhone. But when it comes to things like calling 911, doing a phone interview for a new job, or snapping and sharing pictures of your new baby’s first moments of life, you really can’t afford to find your phone battery near death.

If you’ve ever found yourself without iPhone power in a critical moment, you know your phone is really so much more than a toy. That’s why you need to be asking yourself not just what the best battery for iPhone users is, but also what the best portable power sources are – for all your mobile devices. We’ve got a few solutions that can save the day.

  • Our PS68 On-The-Go Charger is the most portable of our solutions and can revive any Apple or micro-USB device while on the go. It holds a charge for up to 12 months and provides 60 minutes of talk time.
  • Our PS71 External Battery Back Up is an awesome external iPhone battery. It’s compatible with all Apple 30-pin connected devices and is able to provide up to 2 hours of extra talk time.
  • Our PS73 Portable USB Charger is the solution if you want extreme portable recharging capability. It provides a full charge – up to 7 hours of talk time – and is compatible with all USB-connector devices.

Angry Birds, status updates, online shopping – these are the light and fluffy side of owning an iPhone. They can stand to wait until you get home to recharge. But for the moments that really make and break life, you can’t afford to be without backup power. Don’t live at the whim of your phone battery. Do get that best battery for iPhone users, but don’t forget to buy the backup power as your safety net.

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