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The #1 Item you Cannot Forget to Bring on Your Road Trip is an iPhone Backup Battery

by rayovac24, June 2013

See there? Over those hills where the robin-egg sky meets the plains of waving wheat? Look at the highway cutting a black line under a family car whizzing along with its hubcaps gleaming. There’s something strapped to the roof - a kayak maybe? They’re on vacation! Isn’t it sweet? Well, it could be, but they forgot their iPhone backup battery. Let’s zoom in so we can hear:

Are we there yet? 

I told you already, two more hours to go.

Are you lost, dear?

Shhh. I didn’t expect to have to power off the GPS before we got there!

Dad, can you look on your iPhone for the nearest rest stop? I have to go potty.

[giggle] You said “potty!”

Your mother gobbled the power playing Draw Something. Phone’s almost dead.

I did not! You forgot to charge it last night!

Can I play Angry Birds after we go potty?

Didn’t you hear me? The battery is dying. Try playing I Spy.

I spy, with my little eye, a pimple on my sister’s face.

Shut up! Moooom! I need to call Stacy!

Aren’t family road trips a hoot? This family had everything figured out - itinerary, map, pillows, drinks, you name it - but they missed one critical item, their iPhone backup battery. Is there anything sadder than a teenager stuck in a car with her family (and a zit) unable to contact a friend? (Not in her mind, rest assured.)

Mom and dad each should have grabbed a Rayovac PS68 On-the-Go Charger before leaving, which would have provided two more hours of talk time. The PS68 is compact, portable, and essential for travel emergencies - you know, like GPS-tracking for the nearest restroom, and of course, making an “important” call to Stacy. Don’t get caught in this situation on your next family road trip. Get that PS68 On-the-Go Charger today!


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