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An iPhone Power Charger for Emergencies plus 2 Other Safety Tips for Child iPhone Users

by rayovac10, July 2013

It’s not just a wild, wild world anymore. It’s also a wired, wired one. That’s a tricky mix for parents to manage. If you’ve decided your child is ready for an iPhone, it’s a good idea to monitor their activity, limit the phone’s functionality, and provide a backup iPhone power charger:

1.Monitor your child’s mobile activity. Help your child learn self-control by setting clear boundaries and rules for their phone usage—things like no exorbitant amounts of phone time, no sharing personal information with strangers, and no freely surfing the web with reckless abandon. Shop for apps that can help you with this important job of monitoring (and limiting) your child’s phone usage.

2.Limit the functionality of the phone. There are times when the iPhone’s seemingly limitless power is thrilling, but when the phone is in your child’s hands is probably not one of them. Not only can total iPhone freedom get very expensive but also it can get dangerous. Decide what purposes the phone is supposed to serve for your child, and then set up the phone so that it serves just those purposes. For example, if the phone is meant for your child to reach someone in case of emergency or to simply check in, then program the phone so that outbound calls are limited to 911 and those few important phone numbers.

3.Equip your child with backup power. You know how scary it would be if you were in an emergency situation and discovered your phone had no battery power left? Imagine what it would be like for your child. Imagine how many more situations just feel like emergencies to kids. Then put a Rayovac PS71 External Battery Back Up in your child’s backpack, locker, or gym bag—anywhere it might come in handy. With this ultra-compact external iPhone power charger, it won’t matter if your child has forgotten to recharge the phone or used it to death. They’ll have emergency power at the ready. 

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