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The Day a Portable Cell Phone Charger Landed My Valentine’s Date | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac14, February 2014

Make sure you can connect with those you love this Valentine’s Day with portable power from Rayovac.

Today my mom gave me a portable cell phone charger. She said it’s an early Valentine’s gift for her favorite son. I threw it in my backpack and ran out the door. She’s always giving me gadgets like that—I never use half of them, but it’s nice that she thinks of me.

I’m running late today because I was up texting last night. If you guessed I was up late texting a girl, you'd be right. She’s amazing. We’re not dating. To be honest, I can’t really tell. I’ll ask her out later today to find out. Today is Valentine's Day, after all.

I get to first period, sit down, and yawn. Fumbling through my backpack, I shove aside my lunch, books, and that portable cell phone charger to dig out my homework and quietly take out my phone. I won't see her until 8th period and since she told me last night she has an exam this morning, I want to wish her good luck.

The morning quickly passes, and I find myself busy trying not to fall asleep in the middle of 4th period geography. My phone buzzes quietly in my lap; I have a new text. She tells me her exam went well, and thanks me for the luck. I send back a smiley. I gulp and think to myself: it’s time. I take a deep breath and text her again, asking if she wants to go out for Valentine’s Day. I hit send, and my stomach immediately ties itself in what feels like a hundred knots.

Lunch and the next two classes drag by slowly. My hands are clammy and I’m sweating. I stop looking at my phone every five seconds and instead try to play it cool and wait for it to vibrate. I finally pull out my phone and my heart plummets. My phone is dead. I forgot to charge it last night. Did she respond? How could I have been so stupid to forget to charge my phone?

Not knowing if she replied, I spend most of 7th period on pins and needles. It’s just an hour until I see her again but the suspense is killing me. I reach into my backpack for gum, but come out with something else: the portable cell phone charger my mom gave me earlier. I quickly plug it in and wait a moment for my phone to charge. In less than a minute, my phone is on. I stare at it, and I get goose bumps as the screen flashes and my phone gently buzzes.

I’ve got a text.

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