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One Simple Way a Portable Cell Phone Charger Can Save You From Airport Boredom | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac3, April 2014

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Picture yourself on your way to your dream vacation, all of your worries behind you, and the last thing on your mind is whether you packed your portable iPhone charger. Once you arrive at the airport however, you find yourself stuck because of unforeseen delays or canceled flights. Frustrated, you take out your phone to let your friends and family know, but instead of a bright screen, you see the awful blinking red light informing you that your battery has died.

Inevitably, you forgot to charge your phone the night before and there are no convenient outlets available for you to plug in your phone at the airport. Now you are stuck, disconnected and bored—left with no choice but to stare constantly at the slowly moving clock, irritated that you are not yet in paradise.

Imagine instead a different scenario. After you are delayed at the airport and pull out your phone, upset that it doesn't have any power, you remember packing a portable iPhone charger in your bag just in case. Woohoo! This story is now a much different one. While you'll still have to sit in the uncomfortable airport seats, you won't be bored or disconnected. Your portable power affords you access to important information that you would otherwise miss: 

  • Updates on transportation times and schedules
  • Access to emails from family, friends and business contacts
  • Access to maps to explore your favorite vacation spot
  • Internet access for both business and pleasure

Being stuck at an airport and the general stress of traveling are worse when you have no way to access important information or communicate with your social network. You'll save the extra hassle of buying overpriced airport magazines to keep yourself busy by simply packing a portable iPhone charger in your carry-on. No longer will you fear that blinking red light and you'll travel with less stress knowing you’re prepared with backup portable power.

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