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Ensure Your Safety Doesn't Go to the Dogs With an External Cell Phone Charger | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac9, April 2014

Spring is finally here, and that means more time outdoors. Stay prepared for any situation with an external cell phone battery charger - Click here to learn more.

Whining in anticipation, your puppy Lucky is waiting by the door for you to put on your shoes and grab your things to go on your daily walk. Unfortunately, little do the both of you know that in addition to your wallet, keys, and phone, you should have grabbed your external cell phone battery charger to bring along.

Your morning routine has been the same for a while now—you get up early, before some people are even awake, and take a few laps around the local park with your dog as your only companion. Normally pretty mundane, it's likely that you always take the same path in the morning. This morning is different, however. Lucky spots the first bunny of her young life, and bolts. It's unexpected, and Lucky's Labrador strength wins out over the weak training leash you have her on, and you find yourself on the ground, with pain shooting up one of your legs.

What are you to do? Lucky isn't too much help licking your face, and it might be an hour or more before a stranger happens upon you who could help. Frustrated, you realize that you would have been able to call for help if you had grabbed your external cell phone battery charger before you left so that you could have charged your phone when you needed it most. You resolve to make sure to pack it every time you have an outdoor adventure in the future. After all, you realize, in similar situations, an external charger could give you access to:  

  • Emergency Management Services
  • Friends and loved ones
  • Maps of areas you may be unfamiliar with
  • Public transportation information
  • Geo-specific information; such as trails, public parks, as well as retail and food services
  • Flashlights and other useful applications

Help arrives soon in the form of another friendly human-dog pair also out enjoying their morning walk. Friends and family are alerted that you are now safe and on your way to the doctor. You decide that in the future, no matter how many bunnies Lucky may decide to chase, you want to stay safe and connected and will bring an external battery charger for cell phones with you every time you and Lucky have an outdoor adventure together.

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