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Silly Weatherman; April Fools’ is No Laughing Matter | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac23, April 2014

Be prepared for the next April Storm by prepping a kit with Rayovac batteries and flashlights.

Beware. The weatherman is not your friend. A real friend wouldn’t lie to you half the time and think it’s OK. Best to trust your own judgment and prepare for whatever Mother Nature throws at you. A piece of solid advice would be to pack a storm preparedness kit just in case. And lucky for you, Rayovac has mastered the art of making batteries, flashlights, lanterns and portable power that can help you weather any storm!

Sure, the weatherman has the gizmos and gadgets to predict the weather with near accuracy, but in the end it’s just an educated guess. Truth is, the weatherman’s favorite holiday is April Fools’ Day, the only day of the year when the forecast is right regardless of what actually happens. “Happy April 1st– today’s forecast includes rain and patchy fog…April Fools!” A played out joke, overused since the stone age of meteorology.

A month filled with storms is nothing to joke about. April weather can be dangerous and having a storm kit handy is the only way to protect your power and keep your family safe. Rayovac’s full line of flashlights feature battery operated LED's and general-purpose lights that come in handy in a pinch. Ten times more trustworthy than your average weatherperson, the LED 3AAA Glow In The Dark Flashlight lights up the room and helps you see where you’re going.  

Seeking April Fools’ revenge on the evening weather person is easier said than done because turns out you can’t reach into the TV, but you can retaliate by prepping a storm kit and ignoring the weatherman’s witless sense of humor. The next Rayovac essential is a portable power charger. The Rayovac 7-Hour Power can give your mobile device a full 100% charge – no outlets required. Add this to your kit and your phone battery will be protected before the next April storm hits.

April is a month where it pays to be prepared. Hammer down your family storm kit and watch the rainy month pass you by. The weatherman can lie to you as much as he wants but it won’t matter if you’re prepared with Rayovac. Send him a letter describing your newly crafted storm kit and be sure to mention how unfunny his jokes are. Nice try Mr. Weatherman, April Fools is over. Get some new material.

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