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Mother’s Day 2014; The Queen of Safety | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac7, May 2014

Buy mom some portable power and you'll be a serious candidate for Child of The Year.

Think for a moment. What’s the one thing your mother says to you almost every day? Hint: mom likes to keep it simple, using short phrases that will capture your attention and last in your memory the entire day. Neatly placed in her bag of mom phrases, she keeps this message ready to go before you can even step one foot outside the door. “Be Careful.”

Mothers of the world unite to remind their kids of safety, uttering a familiar phrase that children have heard to the point of nausea - a warning of potential danger that may occur when exiting the house. Wondering where you are and what you’re doing is a mother’s job and she’s on the clock 24/7. This Mother’s Day, it’s time to reward her motherly instinct with the gift of portable power.  

Rayovac portable power includes multiple on the go phone chargers that can keep you powered up throughout the day. Choosing portable power for this year’s gift is a win-win situation, extra power for your phone and added peace of mind for mom. Ease her mind for an extra hour daily with the Rayovac Phone Boost PS68. Instant cell phone power when you need it most, what more could a mother ask for.  

A mother’s desire to keep her children safe is equivalent to a mama grizzly bear mauling intruders who come within a mile of her cubs. Needless to say, mom is an interesting specimen; she cares more about you than she does herself. The ‘Queen of Safety’ knows the importance of staying connected, no matter the circumstance. Make safety a top priority with 7-Hour Power – charge any phone to 100% using only 4 Rayovac AA batteries.

No matter the gift, the infamous ‘Be Careful’ phrase will never be phased out but luckily you can reduce the worry-meter a couple of notches with help from Rayovac. Buy her some portable power for Mother’s Day and you’ll be a serious candidate for the 2014 Child of The Year Award.

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