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Top 10 Gifts That Dad’s Secretly Want | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac11, June 2014

Top 10 Gifts That Dads Secretly Want.

Ever since you were born, the month of June means a little more to the guy you call Dad. Father’s Day resides in June, a blessed reminder that during his lifetime he created you. Practical gifts like socks and deodorant simply won’t cut it for this year’s gift. Luckily, we know what Dad secretly wants for his special day.

1. Beer Assistant –Fetching a beer should be one less responsibility on Father’s Day. Serve him up an ice-cold beer wrapped with his favorite sports team koozie.

2. Cheap Golf Balls –When it comes to golf, not all dads are created equal. Buy him some cheap balls so he doesn’t feel bad when he hits them in the water.

3. Portable Power – The tech-savvy dad always has his cell phone on his hip in case of emergency. Arm him with extra cell power from Rayovac and Superdad might make an appearance.

4. Fathead – According to dad: “Go Big or Go Home” and “Bigger is Better”. A life-size portrait of his favorite sports star will have him grinning from ear to ear.

5. Dumbbell Machine – Admiring the six-pack of a younger man in the latest edition of Men’s Health has given dad some motivation. Order him some iron to pump.

6. Pedicure (Yes, Really) – This is dad’s best-kept secret. Manicured toes may seem the opposite of manly but he’ll change his tune when the female aesthetician rubs his feet.

7. Sports TV Package – The TV budget is stretched thin enough. But you can keep him away from the sports bar with a couple extra channels dedicated to the sport he loves most.

8. Barbecue Sauce Sampler Pack – Dad loves his BBQ sauce. He can spend 20 minutes deciding which one to use at the local grilling spot. Boost his choices at home with a sampler pack.

9. Popcorn Machine –The percentage of dads that know how to cook and cook well is pretty low. A popcorn machine solves his problems and makes the house smell like buttery goodness.

10. Camo Flashlight – Dad likes to be stealthy. From late night kitchen runs to get a brownie to an early morning workout with Jillian from Biggest Loser, Dad likes to keep things undercover. The Rayovac Camo flashlight is the perfect balance of stealth and power.

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