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Gear Up For A Wet ‘N Wild Summer | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac26, June 2014

Gear up with Rayovac for a wet and wild summer.

Summer is officially here and with it comes fun in the sun and water activities for all ages. With days of perfect weather in limited quantity, wasting the summer indoors is simply not acceptable. Take advantage of the warmest season of the year by spending some time outdoors and using the best gear available!

Gearing up for the summer means different things to different people. The prepared outdoor enthusiast knows the true meaning of ‘tactical’ gear. Transitioning from one activity to the next is typical for the outdoor adventurer (biking, hiking, swimming) and the items they carry need versatility. Whether on the trail or by the water, the all-new Indestructible Lantern and Spotlight duo from Rayovac are ready for action! 

Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer? The beach, sunglasses, warm weather? What if we told you that Rayovac should be added to that list? Sound crazy? Far from it. We tend to associate different items with different seasons and sometimes we’re dead wrong. The all-new Indestructible Spotlight and Lantern from Rayovac feature a water-resistant exterior that tosses seasonal stereotypes out the window.

When the summer fun begins, traditional waterproof items like bathing suits and goggles are the first to come to mind while other items not readily associated with water are given a backseat. For Rayovac, the misconception that outdoor lights could not be compatible with water was hard to shake off. But the addition of IPX7 water-resistant technology has helped Rayovac become a first-choice item for a wet and wild summer.

A new Rayovac era has officially arrived and it starts with a little H20.

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