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by rayovac24, July 2014

Rayovac prides itself on being American-made for well over a century.

Do you bleed red, white and blue? Does the national anthem send shivers down your spine? Feelings of patriotic fervor are common for the country you call home and for some buying products that are made in the USA is an absolute necessity. Rayovac prides itself on being American-made for well over a century. Score one for American ingenuity.

The story of Rayovac begins in 1906; the American public was searching for a new business to provide goods and services along with jobs in manufacturing. Blue collared jobs were a staple of the early 1900’s and Rayovac carved out a niche in the US market for alkaline batteries. As the years progressed, a permanent facility was erected in Fennimore, WI dedicated to the production of alkaline batteries.  

Fast forward to the 21st century and Rayovac is still producing its alkaline batteries in the USA with nationwide distribution at an all time high. As many know, the current business model seeks to increase net profits by cutting production costs. This can easily be done by manufacturing the product overseas where materials and labor are far less expensive. To this day, Rayovac refuses to take these shortcuts. As a result, hundreds of jobs have been awarded to hard working Americans and the quality of Rayovac’s alkaline product has risen exponentially.

When making a battery purchase, ‘Made in the USA’ has quickly become a leading concern for alkaline consumers. Buyers know that every purchase no matter how small can make a positive impact on the US economy and encourage employers to offer more jobs. The production of Rayovac batteries in Wisconsin has given the Fennimore community a reason to populate the area and settle down in the great Midwest.

With a rich history of American ingenuity and countless decades of making batteries in the USA, Rayovac delivers the quality product that consumers are searching for. Rayovac is in it for the long haul. Alkaline batteries will continue being made in America – 108 years and counting!

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