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by rayovac27, August 2014

The few remaining days of summer should be spent recharging your batteries

Cloud nine can’t begin to describe it - the feeling you get when school is out and your summer plans can finally start. So much to do in a 3-month window that before you know it the final days of August have passed you by ending another summer chapter in the book you call life. And with a new school year fast approaching, the few remaining days of summer should be spent recharging your batteries.

Winding down from a fun-filled summer can be a tall task especially with all the back to school madness weighing heavy on your mind. The phrase ‘recharge your batteries’ fits perfectly in this scenario. On one hand, relaxation is key to overcome the dog days of summer, which can take a toll on your mind and body. The other scenario takes into account the tech devices you cherish most. They also need a fresh recharge before the new school year starts. 

Flooding with extra power, Rayovac has the energy to keep your gadgets going through the first week of school and beyond. The Recharge Plus 4 Position AA and AAA Smart Charger provides reusable, long-lasting power for all of your high-drain tools and toys. No more guessing when your batteries are done charging because the Smart Charger sports a trendy LCD display countdown timer. The battery fuel gauge feeds your curiosity - letting you know just how much juice each battery has.

Making a good impression is vital on the first day of school. Tattered clothes and a retro charger will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons. Combine the Smart Charger with an all-new wardrobe and consider yourself ready for anything. The energy to keep you going starts and ends with Rayovac: grab a charger and tackle the school year head on!

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