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Keep Calm Because Prep School Is Back In Session | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac11, September 2014

Preparedness is a subject we take seriously and the power you receive from Rayovac products should award you peace of mind - no questions asked.

First off, this isn’t your average prep school. Prep has a double meaning and the definition we care about can be summed up with a simple acronym – Prudent Reasonable Emergency Preparedness. We applaud you for enrolling in the school of prep – where with a few simple steps and a nose for the ‘just in case’ prepping for any emergency situation will prove easier than you originally thought.  

Have you heard the expression better safe than sorry? Consider this the Prep School motto that reinforces the importance of being prepared. The bell has officially rung and your first class can now begin: Prep Supplies 101. Looking at the syllabus, 100% of your grade is based on the quality of your emergency preparedness kit and the supplies you have in it. That’s where we come in. Rayovac is the tutor that helps you create the ultimate emergency kit and pass your class with flying colors.

The formula for an A+ emergency kit starts and ends with Rayovac quality products. You can utilize basic math to add the following must-have Rayovac supplies: Flashlight + Batteries + Lantern + Portable Power = Prep School Valedictorian. Now considered the star pupil, the kit you assembled is on display and now you must describe each item to the entire class. Have a little stage fright? No worries, Rayovac has your back. 

The best flashlight for prepping is the Virtually Indestructible Rayovac light that features high performance LEDs perfect for lighting up an unlit room. The best batteries would be the heavy-duty variety that discharge slowly in low-drain or seldom-used devices. The premier choice in lanterns would be the LED 4 Watt 240 Lumen Area Lantern capable of brightening even the darkest power outage. And finally the best option for emergency survival is keeping your tech devices powered up when no outlet is available with Rayovac 7-Hour Power.

Before you look at this list and get a little panicky about the cost, remember that Rayovac’s reasonable prices will surely keep money in your wallet. Feel free to stay after school and ask any questions – preparedness is a subject we take seriously and the power you receive from Rayovac products should award you peace of mind - no questions asked. So congratulations on earning your diploma from the School of Prep, it will go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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