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Battery with Benefits; 10-Year Storage Life With Ready Power

by rayovac29, September 2014

Ready Power is the spark you need providing 10 years of guaranteed freshness rivaled by no other battery.

Things just got real. Starting a new relationship with Rayovac batteries may be the best decision you’ve made all year. The single life is good and all but the enjoyment gathered from a blissful union is worth the commitment. Out of every fish in the sea you chose Rayovac and for good reason. The promise of a long-term relationship was too good to pass up - Rayovac alkaline batteries are guaranteed to last in storage for up to 10-years!

With a storage life that lasts a decade, Rayovac stole your heart with all new Ready Power technology. Turns out, Rayovac is a great listener and the key to a budding relationship is good communication. Rayovac made a mental note that all you really want is a more durable alkaline battery with multiple construction and material improvements. And before you knew it Rayovac delivered with improved electrolyte utilization, refined corrosion inhibitors, and the use of ultra-pure materials for long-term stability. Talk about a nerdy relationship, the cast from The Big Bang Theory would be proud.   

Just like any other relationship, choosing a battery to call your own certainly has its ups and downs. Sometimes your mind may wander off, daydreaming the purchase of a different brand. Take a moment and remember the reasons you bought Rayovac in the first place. The low cost with similar quality, the attractive looks with vibrant colors and the potency to last up to 10 years while in storage. Find ways to spice up your relationship like adding a new size battery to the equation. Sizes AA, AAA, C, and D all have the 10-year shelf life that your mom would certainly approve of.

On average, alkaline battery life diminishes 2% a year and as time wears on relationships can get stale. Ready Power is the spark you need providing 10 years of guaranteed freshness rivaled by no other battery. The perfect relationship doesn’t always fall in your lap, but in this case Rayovac fit the bill and made you take a second look. The glory years can now begin, you officially have a partner in crime. Remember to call us on your 10-year anniversary – that’s when you know it’s real.

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