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by rayovac10, October 2014

Looking to prep for the next big storm? Rayovac has bundled all the items you would need to power through any storm.

To bundle, or not to bundle, that is the question. Simple questions are often times the hardest to answer but not this one, not today. Bundling is the answer to every penny pincher’s dream: more products for less money. The dream is alive and well and Rayovac embraces the bundling formula by pairing products together to form the most practical bundles that money can buy. Questioning the bundle will only slow down your savings, so relax and trust the deals that Rayovac has to offer.

For those not familiar with the bundling concept, we can boil it down to a simple science: the more products you buy, the bigger the savings. For example, big box stores like Sam’s Club and Costco sell products in bulk for a discounted price. Rayovac mimics this model by offering daily hot bundle deals on their webpage. The major difference that separates Rayovac from the others would be the bundled products. Looking to prep for the next big storm? Rayovac has bundled all the items you would need to power through any storm: a lantern, batteries and multiple flashlights all at a discounted price.  

Realizing that the demand for different types of bundles was through the roof, Rayovac expanded their inventory giving multiple choices to online consumers. The Prepper’s best friend - Rayovac’s Emergency Kit Bundle consists of batteries, portable power and a flashlight. With a passion for the outdoors, Rayovac also put together a Value Camping Bundle consisting of an aluminum flashlight, lantern and indestructible headlight. Buying these items separately would almost double your total before checking out and who wants that? Nobody, that’s who.

Discount hunters from around the nation search out the best places to buy their household necessities for pennies on the dollar and is their go to place for batteries, flashlights and much more. Specialty items from Rayovac award the consumer long-lasting power without the hassle of finding an outlet. Most if not all Rayovac products are instantly ready to use with batteries always included. Never underestimate the power of a Rayovac bundle – it just may surprise you.

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