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Help Wanted: Official Candy Inspector (OCI) Job Requirements | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac24, October 2014

Lights provide the necessary lumens to inspect the trick or treat bags for unwanted candies.

Description: Almost as important as trick-or-treaters, the Official Candy Inspector serves a vital purpose on Halloween night. Rayovac is seeking experienced Candy Inspectors to join our team of responsible adults who check the candy before letting children dig in. You will be working with other elite parents to ensure each child is safe on Halloween by inspecting the goods prior to consumption.

Qualifications: Degree in Responsible Parenting preferred. Two or more years of experience taking care of small children and keeping their best interests at heart. Ability to recognize foul play and eliminate potential hazards at a moment’s notice. Knowledgeable in current technologies that make parenting easier, i.e. flashlights and portable power. Able to realize that Rayovac products are indeed a better quality for a lower price.

Requirements: The Official Candy Inspector is accountable for understanding the products needed for the position. Necessary products include a flashlight and portable power. Suggested lights include the LED 3AA Glow in the Dark Flashlight or the 2AA Indestructible Flashlight. Both of these lights provide the necessary lumens to inspect the trick or treat bags for unwanted candies. When combing the neighborhood for tasty treats, portable power keeps your cell phone powered up when away from an outlet. Suggested portable power is the 7-Hour Power Recharge

Compensation & Benefits: Salary is competitive and payment for work completed comes in candy form. Just make sure the children bring the candy to you first and then take your favorites because they are ‘tainted.’ Benefits include peace of mind and a dental plan that states: increased parent consumption of candy results in less cavities for children.

Summary: With thousands of responsible parents using flashlights around the globe, Rayovac is the trusted choice to complete any job no matter how big or small. Rayovac flashlights excel in comparison to other brands crowning them the undisputed champion in the lighting category.

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