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A Black Friday For The Ages, Or Not? | Rayovac Blog

by rayovac20, November 2014

Reorganize your Black Friday shopping list by making alkaline batteries a top priority!

Has Black Friday lost its mystique? Are the deals just not what they use to be? For many years, Black Friday, the day when shoppers gather to raid the local strip malls, has been thought of as the best day to find a deal but lately the deals are far from amazing. Noticing a lackluster deal is half the battle while the other half is finding the genuine deals that will help save you money. Reorganize your Black Friday shopping list by making alkaline batteries a top priority. The gift that keeps on giving and the deal with the biggest payoff!

Since the early 2000’s, Black Friday has slowly transitioned from a bargain hunters’ dream to a national holiday. Black Friday has become less about deals and more about profits – putting retailers in a festive mood. What retailers fail to mention is that Black Friday has morphed into Christmas Eve, when deals are hard to find and prices are cleverly reduced. Remember when 60% off was the norm and door-busting deals lived up to their name? Now’s the time to craft a new holiday shopping strategy and show the retailers you mean business.  

Local newspapers scream with exciting energy, calling out the greatest deals that simply cannot get overlooked. The flat screen TV you’ve had your eyes on all year will be soon be discounted for one day only. So what’s the catch? Most likely the featured deal is low in stock and the goal is to get you in the store. Now may not be the time to buy the big TV but a great opportunity to buy the secondary products that are absolutely necessary. The retailers won’t see this coming; choose a product like batteries to fill your cart and win the day with excellent savings.

The glory years of Black Friday may be gone but the mystique still lingers. Maybe Black Friday is just like any other day; deals are out there and you just have to seek them out. A true holiday saver knows a good deal when they see it. So avoid the flashy ads and questionable deals because odds are they are too good to be true. But don’t wave the white flag yet; Black Friday 2015 can still be salvaged. Fill your cart with the real deal: Rayovac alkaline batteries!

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