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A Rayovac Christmas Carol; The Ghost of Holiday Shopping

by rayovac16, December 2014

Don’t make the same mistake twice, Rayovac alkaline batteries last just as long as any brand and cost less to boot.

A pillow never felt so good. As you lie in bed for a wintry snooze, the exhaustion settles in from a grueling year of intense holiday shopping. Heavy eyes and tired limbs seduce your senses to welcome sleep but tonight something is holding you back. Did you make a list and check it twice? Did you remember to buy the batteries? Who’s that tapping my shoulder? It’s time to face the music and reminisce about the follies of Christmas past.

Waiting for eyes to open, the Ghost of Holiday Shopping has chosen you for a trip down memory lane. First stop is Christmas 2012, when technique went out the window and thrifty shopping took a back seat. Pressed for time, you sacrificed an arm and a leg by purchasing a set of “bunny” batteries with no concern for quality or price. A memory you’d like to forget, the batteries were DOA on Christmas morning when you needed them most. Don’t make the same mistake twice, Rayovac alkaline batteries last just as long as any brand and cost less to boot.  

Painful as it may be, the Ghost of Holiday Shopping has one more stop, sending you back to Christmas 2010. Making a gift request for the first time in ten years, your father made it clear he wanted a quality flashlight. Dizzy from a marketing whirlwind, you chose the full-price “copper” light because it claims to shine brighter than the rest. Fast-forward a week after Christmas and the light is already junk fitting the mold of a dollar store purchase. Chalk it up as a lesson learned and buy him a quality light he deserves: the Rayovac Indestructible Flashlight.

Hindsight is 20/20 but the obvious choice for holiday shopping success is the Rayovac brand. A ghost can get pretty tired exposing the countless shopping mishaps each holiday season. Do him a favor and choose the brand that everyone trusts. Nothing is holding you back now; the ghost has left the building and precious sleep is within reach. Drift the night away and rest easy knowing the follies of Christmas past won’t haunt you again. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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