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Hearing Health Review: Music By Generation

by rayovac26, May 2015

Advocate lowering decibel levels when using accessories like ear buds and headphones!

This story begins in the early 1980’s when teens of generation X were exploring the world of music louder than ever before. Portable music had been around for decades thanks to the 8-track and cassette players, but children of the 80’s kicked the volume up a notch – with amplified music right by the ear. The Boombox had arrived and music was now amplified to a decibel level that the entire block could hear. It was evident that hearing health had taken a back seat.

Fast-forward to 2015 and you’ll find a new generation with a similar attitude in regards to hearing health. The latest must-have music accessories include ear buds and noise canceling headphones. When enjoyed in moderation these accessories can be a unique way to experience music. Unfortunately, the term moderation is rarely practiced by today’s youth. The alarming trend is to experience music at the loudest volume with little concern for the consequences. And if they’re not careful, soon they’ll need a hearing aid powered by Rayovac hearing aid batteries.  

Experts in the field of audiology agree that something must be done to reverse this trend and make hearing health a bigger priority. Even a small step can make a big difference. One theory to accomplish this goal is to place warnings on ear buds and headphones advising the acceptable volume to enjoy music. This could limit the prolonged exposure to loud volumes. A step in the right direction, hearing loss prevention in the music industry could break this trend made popular by children of the 1980’s.

Evidence from the prior decades shows that hearing health has always been a priority but only in this century has there been any significant efforts encouraging prevention. The sense of hearing and the human ear are immensely important not only to enjoy music but also for daily interaction in all of life’s capacities. So why not protect your ears? Advocate lowering decibel levels when using accessories like ear buds and headphones. The future of hearing health depends on it!

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