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Why Moms Trust Fusion: Top 8 Reasons

by rayovac25, June 2015

With the new fusion formula, ten years of battery freshness are guaranteed!

  1.  Lasts 35% Longer
    • No typo here, Rayovac’s new fusion formula lasts 35% longer versus *Energizer® Max® AA batteries in digital cameras. Just imagine your baby’s nap lasting 35% longer - an extra hour of mommy time and some well-deserved peace and quiet. A longer lasting alkaline formula is just what the baby doctor ordered.

  2. 10-Year Shelf Life
    • Age is just a number. But when it comes to your little tyke, they still require your attention for well over ten years. With the new fusion formula, ten years of battery freshness are guaranteed. Storing a pack when your child is less than a year old will certainly pay off. A decade’s worth of reliable power!   

  3. Made in the USA
    • Some say a toy is a toy no matter where it’s made. But for moms who pay attention to detail, the country of origin simply cannot get overlooked. The rule also applies to the battery powering these devices. Fusion batteries are made in America.

  4. Safe Alkaline Formula
    • Made in the USA with roots in alkaline technology, fusion is a high-powered custom battery with a mercury-free formula.

  5. Mommy Blogger Approved
    • Surf the web and you’ll find countless moms praising the latest creation from Rayovac as the best thing since sliced bread. It takes a special mom to blog about her experiences for other moms to share. Soak up her words of wisdom and give fusion a try!

  6. Best Value
    • Rayovac has always been known to last just as long and cost less and with fusion there is no exception. You would think a super-charged battery would carry a premium price tag but that isn’t the case. A traditional 8-pack is only $5.99!

  7. Rock Solid Guarantee
    • Moms can now rest easy knowing their most important baby technologies have a power protection guarantee. With everything on a mother’s plate, device protection is one less thing she has to worry about and Rayovac is happy to provide this peace of mind. 

  8. Stellar Brand Repuatation
    • Founded in 1906, as a leader in battery power and innovation, Rayovac has been impressing moms worldwide with reliable products and exceptional customer service. That’s over 100 years of excellence, so why choose anyone else!

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