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Top 5 Storm Prep Essentials

by rayovac14, August 2015

Top 5 Storm Prep Essentials: The Calm Before The Storm.

Beep, beep, beep we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to warn you of the storm headed your way in T-minus 30 minutes. *Neighborhood panic quickly sets in as families peek outside with hopes of a false alarm. Storm clouds loom as they slowly pick up speed billowing into sight. Now what do you do? Shut the blinds and hope for the best? We hope not. Keep calm and execute your family emergency plan.

Fifteen minutes later the storm watch is now a warning and the local emergency siren begins with a familiar high-pitched scream. By now the family emergency plan should be well underway with parents and children heading to the safest spot in the house with emergency kit in tow. Some say that prepping is a waste of time but you know better. Storing an emergency kit goes a long way in keeping your family safe. 

But did you know that prepping a kit is only half the battle? The items inside are just as important. Make sure you have the storm essentials listed below:

  •   Blankets
  •   Non-Perishable Food & Snacks

Lucky for you and your family, Rayovac makes a majority of these items at an affordable price. Is your emergency kit already filled with Rayovac? If so, then congratulations, you’re the most prepared neighbor on the block! When the lights go out and your house is the only one with power, the unprepared neighbors will look at your house wondering: “Why do they have power and we don’t?” The answer is simple: prep with Rayovac and you’ll always have power!

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