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New Generation Back To School Supplies

by rayovac24, August 2015

Use this as a reminder to find a store and pick up some high tech Rayovac school supplies!

Is your child ready for back to school? Did classes already start? Asking your student when school starts is a risky proposition because odds are they won’t tell the truth. Back to school means the end of summer and no more sleeping in. A back to school countdown is a ticking clock that your child wants no part of. A cool parent knows how to spin this in their favor. Remind your child of all the new gadgets they’ll get with one trip to the store. Score one for the parents.

Likely your task for the upcoming weekend, buying school supplies is a late August tradition. Remember when all you needed was paper, a pencil, and an eraser? Those days are long gone. With today’s fast-paced learning environment, high tech devices are becoming more and more important. Technology in the classroom is the new normal and interactive learning is the future of education. Use this as a reminder to find a store and pick up some high tech school supplies. 

Finding a store with older generation supplies is fairly simple. The back to school aisles are littered with colorful markers, notebooks and folders. It’s your job to seek out the higher tech items that give your student a head start. Needed in almost every classroom, tech items like the ones listed below can help your child stay ahead of the curve:

  • Graphing Calculator
  • Tablet
  • Cell Phone
  • Pocket Translator
  • Laptop

Now what do these items have in common? They all need a positive charge to keep running. Make sure your new generation supplies have a back up power solution. The Adventurer and Weekender from Rayovac have the power your student needs to keep multiple gadgets up and running. Not to mention they're completely portable – meaning no more outlets! With a combined mAh power of over 16,000, Rayovac chargers can help any student power up their new generation supplies.

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