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Tailgate With Full Power

by rayovac24, September 2015

Use this as a reminder to find a store and pick up some high tech Rayovac school supplies!

Survive your next tailgate party with full cell phone power! How many times per year do you tailgate? The average sports fan attends 6-10 tailgate parties each season. That’s a lot of chips and salsa! Sadly, I bet you can count on one hand the number of times your phone battery has made it through the entire celebration. No one wants to spend the game guarding their phone by an outlet when they could be watching their team dominate. When it comes to tailgate power, what game plan will you choose?

Plan A: Fully charge your phone before you head out and hope the battery makes it to the 3rd quarter. Plan B: Ration yourself 5 photos and 10 text messages per quarter. Data usage is reserved for emergencies only. Plan C: Be prepared with portable power and never miss a call, a text, or a photo op. 

Rayovac has what you need to keep your cell phone powered up for every play. Carry a sleek, mobile charger and stay connected all day long!

Rayovac DayTripper® External Power Pack Phone Charger ($39.99)

Tailgate with style and confidence knowing your cell phone is fully charged. Power talks and a low battery walks! With 2,000mAh, the DayTripper can juice up any mobile device from 0 to 100 before the first brat touches the grill. The wallet shape fits into any pocket for mobility and won’t mess up your touchdown dance. The dust-proof exterior protects the power from spilled beer and drops of ketchup.

Buy the DayTripper® External Power Pack Phone Charger.

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