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How-To Assemble Your Rayovac Headlamp

by rayovac7, October 2015


There are three vital components when assembling your Rayovac Sportsman Headlamp – the comfort strap, bracket and main lighting unit. Connecting the comfort strap can be completed in 4 simple steps listed below. You can also watch the how to video for more detailed instructions. For advanced help please follow the instructions below and watch the video simultaneously. 

1. Find the 3 notches located on the bracket. The bracket is attached to your main lighting unit.

2. Make sure the Rayovac logo is facing up & carefully loop the comfort strap thru the two side notches.

3. Then take the head strap and thread it thru the bracket’s top notch.

4. And finally adjust for head size by sliding the top and side brackets.

After you successfully assemble your Rayovac Sportsman Headlamp check out the cool features that this light has to offer. The rugged exterior qualifies as virtually indestructible – exceeding expectations with superior drop test performance. The On/Off button is located at the top of the main unit which includes a second energy saver mode that can increase your battery run time. And bountiful lumens can shine a bright light on any project that requires hands-free lighting.

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