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Power Tips For A Safe Halloween

by rayovac26, October 2015

Use this as a reminder to find a store and pick up some high tech Rayovac school supplies!

Searching for ways to make Halloween safer? Rayovac has the power you need to keep children safe when trick-or-treating. Plan out your spooky night with tips from Rayovac.

Light Up The Night

A flashlight companion can light your path and scare away the ghouls and goblins. Be the safest parent on the block - remember your trusty light source.

Light The Way: Don’t let the darkness scare you from visiting the last few houses on your route. Pack a beast1 worthy flashlight that shatters darkness with one simple switch.  

Inspect the candy: If your kids want to enjoy some candy before you get home, inspect the candy with a flashlight. Check for loose or open candy, candy that could be choking hazards for young children and allergen concerns.  

Make Yourself Visible: Brighter costumes with glow-in-the-dark accessories stand out from the crowd and cut through darkness. Try using reflective tape.

Take a lantern: Lanterns2 provide 360 degrees of light - sure to light up the neighborhood sidewalks. Instead of the traditional candle, use them in jack-o-lanterns for added safety.


Stay Charged Up

External on-the-go power comes in handy when your phone is running low on juice. Carry portable power3 so your mobile phone won’t die when you’re taking Halloween pictures.

Pack Portable Power: Taking pictures can waste your battery life in a flash. Stay charged up with extra cell phone power that fits in your pocket.

Bring Some Batteries: Change your flashlight batteries4 before trick-or-treating or bring some spares just in case.

Don’t let the darkness affect your Halloween festivities, light up the night and stay charged up with powerful products from Rayovac.


1The Beast flashlight is extremely powerful. With 2000 bright lumens, The Beast is brighter than a car headlight!

2 The Rayovac 8D Area Lantern features a twin-tube, bright 18-watt fluorescent U-tube bulb that lights up to a 25-foot radius. The extra durable rubber base and handle are water resistant.

3 The Rayovac Daytripper Rechargeable 2000 mAh Lithium Ion charger holds enough power to charge your mobile phone to 100%!

4 Rayovac alkaline batteries are long lasting and feature Ready Power technology. Guaranteed to hold their power for 10 years in storage.

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