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Energy Saving Household Tips

by rayovac16, November 2015

Check out some energy saving tips and become more efficient in your household!

Looking for ways to save money on your next energy bill? Lucky for you, the home is filled with lots of different ways to conserve energy. Check out some energy saving tips and become more efficient in your household!

Energy Saving Tips

  • Unplug phone chargers and other electronics when not in use. 75% of all electricity used to power home electronics goes to devices that are switched off.
  • Try using rechargeable batteries. They provide power and energy to high-drain devices like video game controllers and toys.  
  •  Seal air leaks in household windows. This prevents hot or cold air from escaping.
  •  Air-dry clothes when weather permits. Save an average of $0.36 cents per load that doesn’t reach the dryer.
  •  Heat your home with the sun. Open the blinds to let sunrays in your house.
  •  Wear warmer clothing when the house temperature starts to dip. More layers equals a warmer environment without help from the furnace.
  •  Wash clothing with cold water. In the average household, colder water is cheaper than hot water.
  •  Shorten your time in the shower. Try turning the water off when lathering soap.

Small adjustments like the ones listed above can result in noticeable savings on your next energy bill. What could you do with an extra $30-$40 in your monthly budget? Buy an extra tank of gas? Take your family out to dinner? Every penny adds up when doing bills at the end of each month. The proof is in the savings - try out some of these energy saving tips!

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