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Battery Tips For The Holidays

by rayovac3, December 2015

Check out some battery life and care tips and be prepared when giving gifts!

The holiday shopping season is underway. Are you searching for the latest toys and gadgets? The one item that parents usually forget to buy is batteries. Check out some battery life and care tips and be prepared when giving gifts!

Battery Life Tips

  • Before throwing away batteries you think are dead, make sure they have been inserted correctly, matching the + and – symbols on the battery with your device. Also make sure the battery terminals are clean, if in doubt, wipe them with a coarse cloth or pencil eraser.  
  • Keep your batteries at room temperature. Batteries cannot deliver much power when they are cold. You may find that the flashlight kept in your car in the middle of winter casts a faint beam. Let the batteries warm up to normal temperature, and try them again before you decide to replace the batteries.
  • Don't mix new and old batteries. You will get the life of the battery with the least power.
  • Don't mix battery types. For example, don't put a non-alkaline and an alkaline in the same device. This will also reduce the service life.
  • Batteries last longest in a cool, dry place at normal room temperature. Extreme heat, or even extreme cold such as a refrigerator, can lower performance or shorten the longevity of a battery.

Battery Care & Use Tips

  • Promptly remove dead or weak batteries from devices.
  • Never mix old and new batteries in a device.
  • Replace all batteries in a device at the same time.
  • Never mix battery types in a device. (alkaline, heavy duty, rechargeable, NiMH)
  • Remove batteries from any device that will be stored for long periods of time.
  • Do not leave battery powered devices switched "on" after the batteries are exhausted.
  • If your battery does leak in your device contact Rayovac for device repair or replacement.

Small but powerful, batteries play a significant role during the holidays. The gadgets and toys you care about most depend on fresh energy to function properly. With Rayovac on your side the holidays are a lot simpler. Follow the tips above to receive the best performance from your batteries and trust the Rayovac brand to power your fun!

*MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: If a battery or button cell is ingested or inserted, immediately call the National Capital Poison Center at (800) 222-1222. For more information, please visit the National Capital Poison Center web site:

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