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Rayovac Celebrates 110 Years of Making Batteries in the USA

by rayovac11, January 2016

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Rayovac batteries have been powering America since 1906 and we are thrilled to celebrate our 110th birthday on Sunday, January 17th. Join us in celebrating our rich heritage and check out some of our accomplishments over the years.

  • On January 17th, 1906 J. B. Ramsay founded The French Battery Company in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • In 1914, The French Battery Company started selling flashlights under the trade name “French Flasher.” The term “flashlight” was used because the dry cells at that time were so weak that a steady beam of light depleted them too quickly, making it necessary to flash the light on and off for just a few seconds at a time to reduce the drain. 

  • In 1921, Ray-O-Vac was trademarked for dry batteries used chiefly for vacuum tube radios in the radio boom of the twenties.

  • In 1927, Rayovac became a part of American history when Charles Lindbergh brought two Ray•O•Lite flashlights on the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

  • In the 1930s Arthur Wengel, Rayovac’s chief electronics engineer, patented the first portable radio with high fidelity reception and the first wearable vacuum tube hearing aid, and offered the patents to industry manufacturers free of charge to promote battery usage.

  • In 1992, when the space shuttle Endeavor climbed into the beckoning sky, it carried the ultimate in state-of-the-art technology – including a specially designed Rayovac battery. Our advanced engineering made us a natural choice for the mission. We continue to supply the government with specialized batteries today.

  • In 2015, Rayovac launched Fusion™ our longest lasting advanced alkaline batteries. They are engineered to excel in today’s most power hungry devices such as video game controllers, digital cameras, and high tech toys.

  •  In 2016, Rayovac celebrates 110 years of ingenuity and quality batteries made in the USA.

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