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How to Be Somebody's Hero by Giving the Gift of Hearing

by rayovac1, December 2016

An elderly couple is fitted with hearing aids by Starkey and Rayovac Starkey Hearing Foundation and Rayovac are committed to helping people everywhere hear the vivid world they live in. We strive to empower every person who needs help — whether they are a young girl who hears her mom say, “I love you,” for the first time, a teenager who is getting a better education, a parent who can acquire a better job, or a grandparent who can regale their loved ones with wisdom from their adventures. And now you can join us. You too can be someone’s hero and give the gift of hearing.

This holiday season we’re making changing a life easier than swapping a light bulb.

Here’s how you can help.

Right now you can gift people around the world the ability to hear by purchasing specially-marked Rayovac hearing aid battery packages. For every purchase, Rayovac will donate $0.25 to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Rayovac and Starkey have a long history of working together to help people hear and better connect with their loved ones. We’re excited to continue this effort through the Give the Gift of Hearing campaign.

Starkey partners with audiologists and local communities, domestically and internationally, to provide hearing aids and supplies to people who can't afford them. The effects of this work are widespread and transformative among people in the communities they help.  

“We hear often from people who we provide hearing aids to that before [our help] they were living in a world of isolation,” says Keith Beise, a digital media associate for the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

But after working on a hearing aid expedition in Mexico, Beise learned the help Starkey and Rayovac give quickly ends the isolation and replaces it with communication, comfort and love.

“It was my very first day that I'd ever been fitting hearing aids, and I'm helping this older gentleman while his wife is standing there next to me,” Beise recalls. “I was fitting him with the hearing aid he needed, and as I'm fitting him his wife turns to me and says (through a translator), ‘I'm so excited for my husband to hear me say 'I love him' again.’”

He says that moment really drove home how important hearing is, and how disconnected from loved ones some individuals can become without it.  

“As I turned on his hearing aid, ‘I love you’ is the first thing she said to him,” he says. “It was a really cool moment. So if you ask, ‘what does this really change in a life?’ It's a lot.”

Beise’s experiences are common among people who help Starkey on these aid missions.

He says that when a person does not hear well they tend to shy away from audible conversations. Some people are worried that they are going to be looked down upon for their hearing loss, or that people are frustrated with them because communication is a challenge. So they tend to live much more isolated lives.   Suddenly, being able to hear breaks this isolation for people and it can present incredible opportunities to enrich their lives. In 2013, Starkey studied the consequences of their help with students in Africa.

They gave hearing aids to 40 hearing-impaired students and discovered those students—who were performing in the lowest percentile of their classes—began outperforming the students who were in the highest percentile.

As for adults, Beise says Starkey gets reports from people who are able to get jobs or get better jobs because they're now able to hear.

Life is comprised of creating and sharing moments, dreams and goals with other people. Although your role in this campaign may seem small in scale, its effect is enormous. Like the old tale of a man walking the seashore before dawn and throwing starfish back into the sea, your help monumental to the affected people.

So, are you ready to change a life?

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