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Hearing Loss Facts and Tips for the Holidays

by rayovac23, December 2016

hearing loss tips

Holiday gatherings can be loud and large, but you can make sure you're part of the conversation by wearing your hearing aids and avoiding background noise when possible. What are your favorite hearing loss tips? Below are a few of ours.
hearing loss facts
As @Living With Hearing Loss says, It can be tempting to just nod along and pretend that you hear what others are saying or laugh just because others are laughing. But it can be dangerous, particularly if someone is asking you a question. Be brave and be honest with others if you are having trouble hearing. It will make your interactions more memorable on both sides.
hearing loss facts
Don't hesitate to ask someone to join you in a quieter spot or give visual clues to indicate if you are having trouble hearing.
hearing loss facts
This holiday season, we hope you can enjoy quality time with family by coming together to make your gathering hearing loss-friendly. Let us know your favorite advice in the comments!

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