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5 Ways To Boost Your Energy and Conquer Your Day

by rayovac27, April 2017


We’ve all wondered how we’re going to finish everything on our list when we hit that post-lunch wall. Even after a full eight hours of sleep and a morning cup (or four) of coffee, maintaining energy throughout the day can be a struggle.

Here’s the good news: Most often, the “tired question” is not hard to answer. Maintaining a happy level of pep doesn’t have to be difficult! While it’s true that every body is different, just a few simple changes can help just about anyone feel energized throughout the day.

Check the list to see where you might find a little more fuel to keep you going from morning to night.


Control Stress

Stress is a lot of work. Constantly worrying and harboring negative emotions can drain energy, leaving you unhappy and exhausted.

It’s crucial to learn how to handle your stress. Talk to loved ones, see a therapist, take a few moments each day to breathe deeply and keep things in perspective—it’s the simple things that can keep you centered and worry-free.

Also important: Be realistic with what you can handle. Keep work, family, and social obligations manageable and you’ll find that each one becomes more special and fulfilling. It’s surprising how much energy you have when you’re optimistic about your life!


It’s difficult to overstate the importance of exercise. Regularly upping your heart rate can relieve stress, improve body image, and help you sleep better. I’ll take a slice of that!

All the benefits add up to more energy. If you feel tired in the afternoon, that’s likely a good time to exercise. It will make you alert during and after your workout, and help ensure you get to bed at a reasonable time. Win-win-win times infinity.  

Food as Fuel

Say it with me: “You. Are. What. You. Eat.”

You’ve heard it a million times, and for good reason! Giving your body proper fuel-ups throughout the day is a proven way to keep you alert and less prone to ups and downs. Stick to foods that make you feel good after you eat them—it can be as simple as that. Avoid things that make you feel tired and bloated or give you a short-term energy boost with an inevitable crash.

Find Your Best Sleep

Sleep is a fickle thing. Too little or too much can be equally damaging, and it’s difficult to find what’s best for your body.

Everything above—stress management, exercise, proper diet—plays a part in sleep quality. That’s a good thing when you’re in a groove, seeing more and more benefits as you keep up consistent healthy behaviors. But when you lose momentum and struggle with even one aspect, your whole system can get thrown out of whack.

Sleep is the backbone of that system, so it needs to be a priority. Check out these sleep hygiene tips to see where you could improve your routine and set up yourself for success.

Stay Connected

We’ve all been there: It’s only 2pm and somehow your phone battery is in the red, but you’ve got plans until 8pm that could go even later. That’s stress you don’t need.

To the rescue: RAYOVAC Portable Power. These sleek power packs fit perfectly in your purse or gym bag, and many of them are good for multiple recharges so you can rely on them all week.

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