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Summer Tips for Hearing Aid Care

by rayovac29, June 2017


With the summer months just getting started, we’re so excited for all the sunshine and outdoor activities that are on the way!

But we want to make sure your summer fun isn’t ruined by damage to your or a family member’s hearing aids. All the heat and moisture present during summer activities can be tough on hearing devices and their batteries. So before you go head first down that water slide, take a minute to consider these tips for properly caring for your hearing devices this summer.


The oils in some sunscreens can seep into your hearing aids and affect performance or permanently damage them. Apply all of your sunscreen before you put in your hearing devices, and make sure anything you put on your ears is fullysoaked in.


High humidity is a drag. In parts of the country where humidity levels reach 90% and above, hearing aid users need to be aware of their environment for reasons beyond that annoying sticky feeling. Avoid being outdoors for too long on days with extremely high humidity, and make sure to store your hearing aids in their protective case and keep them in a cool environment when you’re not using them.


Summer workouts can have you sweating before you take your first step. So if you’re exercising in a safe area, it’s smart to take out your hearing aids so excess sweat doesn’t find its way into the electronics or the battery compartment. If you’re running through a city or exercising in other spots where hearing is necessary, try wearing a headband or hat to prevent sweat from dripping into your hearing aids.

Other Moisture

Swimming is one of the most satisfying ways to cool off in the summer heat. We would never try to tell you to avoid the lake, the beach, or even that homemade slip ‘n’ slide. Just make sure you take out your hearing aids and store them properly before you jump in the pool and shower off before and after.

Drying Out

It’s a good habit to let your hearing aids dry out at night. Just open up the battery compartment to allow fresh, cooler air to blow through the device and relieve some of the moisture buildup.


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